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American Survival GuideAmerican Survival Guide

American Survival Guide March 2019

Prepare yourself family for when disaster strikes. Step-by step instructions on how to provide energy to your home, grow and preserve your own food, prepare a first-aid kit, make water drinkable.

United States
Engaged Media
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widen your prepper knowledge base

This month’s issue of American Survival Guide covers one of the widest varieties of topics we’ve put together in some time. On top of that, several pieces provide critical information about topics that can help you get out of life-threatening jams, heal common ailments and make difficult decisions on subjects that can have a big impact on your ability to make it through challenging survival situations. In our recent BUGOUT special edition (available on newsstands or at ASGMAG.com), we discussed the choice of hunkering down or bugging out when the threat level heads into the “red zone.” Because there are many variables and considerations, as with most prepping plans, the answers depend on the case at hand. This month’s lead article takes another look at that topic and includes opinions from…

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new products

It’s impossible to keep up with all the new products that could have a positive impact on your prepping plan. Just in case you missed them, here are a dozen great items from seven product categories that you or someone in your group might find useful. And remember, even if you already have a need covered, it’s a good idea to have a backup or start planning for an upgrade or replacement for something in your kit. 1 ANGLR Bullseye Fishing Tracker The ANGLR Bullseye is a Bluetooth-enabled tracking accessory that works with ANGLR’s free fishing app to make recording important aspects of your fishing trip quick, simple and efficient. You can log weather and environmental conditions, moon phase, water temperature and other data. You can plot waypoints and mark locations where the…

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hunker down or bug out?

It’s a regular weekday morning in your urban neighborhood, but suddenly, everything changes. As you get into your car to drive to work, you turn on the radio and hear officials announcing an emergency in the local area. Maybe there’s an approaching natural disaster. Or perhaps there’s been a chemical or biological attack by terrorists, or an influenza outbreak is imminent. You listen closely to the information, take stock of the situation and begin to consider your options. What will you do? Some people don’t have to think long. Their “plan A,” which has been cemented for years, is to grab their bug-out bag and head for the wilderness. They take the steps necessary to pack up the whole family and begin driving toward the nearest trailhead, with hopes of living…

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take your pick

Maybe we’ve all been there: She was cute and flirty. It was late, and her piercing steel eyes were captivating. You went back to her place. Drinks, music; the lights were low. It was her idea at first, and perhaps you thought it would be fun; something different at least. But now, those handcuffs are a little too tight, and she left the room, muttering something about getting your ATM PIN and trying to remember where she kept the flat iron. Amorous delights are quickly being replaced by morbid fear—especially after sounds of her sifting through the knife drawer drift out from the kitchen. You’ve got to escape, but how? METAL HANDCUFFS HAVE BEEN IN USE FOR 1,000 YEARS BECAUSE HISTORY HAS BEEN FULL OF UNSAVORY INDIVIDUALS WHO NEEDED RESTRAINT. Metal handcuffs have…

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escape solutions from unique titanium

There is a wide variety of scenarios for which knowing how to escape a pair of handcuffs is vital. From kidnappings to home invasions, getting uncuffed without your captors knowing is step one to ensure your survival. Unique Titanium in Bessemer, Alabama, provides a large catalog of high-quality and affordable camping gear and fire starters, as well as an enormous array of everyday-carry items, such as carabiners, bottle openers, paracord and keychains. A lot of them are made from titanium. Although the business was founded on custom flashlights, it also provides an assortment of micro escape tools that can be concealed—sometimes in plain sight—and ready, if and when the time comes.…

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simple solar fire starter

One of the biggest stresses facing someone in a survival situation is their ability, or lack thereof, to start a fire, because there is a great amount of importance placed on this one critical act. It not only provides light, heat and warmth in cold weather, but it can cook your food, ward off intruders (animal or otherwise), signal rescuers and provide emotional comfort in a potentially scary situation. There are dozens of ways to start a fire—from the ubiquitous, but difficult, rubbing of two sticks together to simply whipping out your handy lighter and torching whatever flammable material is closest. Each method has its pros and cons. You can run out of flint, fuel, gas and batteries, so it is a good idea to have a backup plan. One redundant solution…