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American Survival Guide

American Survival Guide January 2020

Prepare yourself family for when disaster strikes. Step-by step instructions on how to provide energy to your home, grow and preserve your own food, prepare a first-aid kit, make water drinkable.

United States
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themost-overlooked force multiplier

The more we talk about prepping and survivalism, the more the dichotomy between the importance of knowledge versus the value of stuff comes up. At ASG, we try to provide a balanced approach and give both of these essential topics due exposure. The fact is, over the long haul, you need a healthy dose of both to be ready to confront the situations you are preparing for. While some circumstances and personal situations would benefit more from access to a broad and healthy collection of equipment and supplies, others are better served with a deeper dedication to knowledge and experience and less reliance on loads of stuff you may not have the time or ability to collect and manage. The more I thought about this, and trying to describe the happy medium…

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new products

January is one of the most depressing months of the year for many people. The holidays are over and, let’s face it, most of us probably packed on a few pounds, what with all of the feasting from November through December. Want to know what can cure all of that? Get outside and hit the trail. It is awfully hard to be in a bad mood when you’re in the woods, provided you’re properly attired and prepared for common emergencies. 1 TOPS Knives Devil’s Claw 2 The hawkbill blade profile is perfect for pull cuts and slashing, which means it excels as a self-defense weapon. Intimidating, of course, and it also makes short work of cutting open boxes and performing other such workaday chores. The Devil’s Claw 2 is 7.38 inches long,…

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staying safe in the city

A pipe wrench can be used to loosen a pesky bolt under the hood of your truck. It’s not the perfect tool for the job, but it will suffice and get you moving again, which is your ultimate goal. In a similar way, firearms are also tools and, like the wrench, they can and should be employed to their maximum potential and effectiveness when and as appropriate to ensure your safety and security. However, in many urban centers, where firearms could often serve their primary purpose, they seem to be out of place. Many gun restrictions are created in response to crimes committed in cities. Something bad happens and makes headlines, and the firearms involved are assigned the blame, then regulated or made illegal in an effort to reduce the likelihood…

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passing muster

The Franklin Armory Reformation is one of the oddball rifles on the market today. While not legal in all areas, it bypasses some of the restrictions in state and federal laws. The Reformation is not a rifle nor a shotgun. With the integration of a straight-rifled barrel, it bypasses many of the firearms definitions and is placed into an "other" category. Likewise, since it is not a rifle, pistol or shotgun, many of the NFA regulations defining short-barrel rifles do not apply. Currently, the Reformation is the only gun of this type. Despite the benefits, there’s a reason it stands solitary. Ballistically, the Reformation lacks the range needed in alternatives of the same caliber. For example, a .223 fired from a rifle barrel of the equivalent length may reach out…

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mix and match

Accessories and ammunition are just as vital as the firearms. A rifle with no sights is just about as useful as a loud baton. These categories are where personal preference takes priority. Finding the most comfortable and appropriate accessories that make it easier to wield your particular rifle can save hassles in the long run. For example, a holographic sight is not the worthiest accessory for a long-range bolt action. Likewise, a large magazine fixed to a compact rifle may be difficult to maneuver by someone with shorter arms or stature. Practice and find the solution that works best for you and your rifle.…

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being 'the rifleman'

Lever-action rifles are often misjudged. They are frequently represented as an antiquated, cartoonish effigy of a proper firearm. The reality is considerably different. If someone must enter the public eye with a firearm, a lever-action might give them a potential advantage. Common caliber variations range anywhere from .22 short to .50 Alaska. Walking through a metropolitan area with a lever-action may arouse some attention, but most individuals view it more as a western movie prop than a lethal firearm and may underestimate the lethality of the user. So, go ahead: Play Cowboy.…