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American Survival Guide

American Survival Guide February 2020

Prepare yourself family for when disaster strikes. Step-by step instructions on how to provide energy to your home, grow and preserve your own food, prepare a first-aid kit, make water drinkable.

United States
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takethe blinders off

I can’t speak for everyone, but I think there is a certain amount of optimism that makes up part of the mental image, and ultimately our plans, for the types of challenges we might be subjected to and the environments we’ll be forced to deal with in those situations. While we typically see ourselves as prevailing, which is good, I think there is something missing that could work against us. Despite the fact that my work is heavily dependent on words, I’m more of a visual person when it comes to learning, retention and planning. Give me a good book or an insightful magazine article (see 13 of those in the coming pages), and I probably won’t retain much of what I read unless there are some good images to reinforce…

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new products

With the start of a new year, it may be time to begin thinking about upgrading your gear. This month, we have a broad selection of new products that will help you stay hydrated, warm and protected from the elements and the occasional predator. We are also featuring the latest cutlery from some of the best knife manufacturers in the business. Lastly, if you need a way to stay found, or hidden, in today's digital world, we have you covered there too. 1 Ruike M875-TZ Folder Until recently, Ruike has been known for making high-quality budget-friendly folding and fixed-blade knives. Now, Ruike has begun offering higher-end knives, including the M875-TZ. The handle is machined from TC4 titanium. The frame lock mechanism is reinforced with a steel lock bar insert and Ruike’s patented…

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get organized for emergencies

Not long ago, our class was finishing a daylong field trip of practicing outdoor survival and self-reliance skills, and our small group was now sitting around the fire, talking about the day’s events. The subject moved to emergency action plans and what contingencies any of us had in the aftermath of a major disaster. “So how would we ever get together after a major disaster?” one woman asked me. She was somewhat new to the classes and was well aware that our small group comprised a broad spectrum of skills, from people who worked to be ethical, socially conscious and doers, not just talkers. I could tell she was wondering about how our “group” might actually come together in such a scenario. She actually believed that this diverse collection of people…

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packable power, kalashnikov kool

The 5.56mm cartridge is easy to tote, and I appreciate the physics. The projectile is undeniably tiny but if fast enough, it still carries plenty of downrange horsepower. This diminutive round sports a certain intrinsic elegance. These fast little bullets revolutionized the way people shoot one another. However, there remains something to be said for raw unfiltered brawn. Millions of words have been traded debating the relative efficacy of Gene Stoner’s .22-caliber combat cartridge. However, nobody seems to dispute the effectiveness of the 7.62x39mm M43 Combloc round. The M43 was a WW2-era contrivance that followed the pattern of the German MP44 7.92x33mm Kurz cartridge. Sporting a 123-grain jacketed .30-caliber bullet, the M43 is ballistically similar to the Winchester .30-30, the most popular deer hunting round in America. Untold tons of harvested venison…

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the tin that keeps time

We have many devices around us every day that let us know what time it is. But what will we do if there comes a time when their electrical supply or battery power is no longer available and we’ve long since discarded mechanical timepieces? The need or desire to know what time it is will not fade away with this change, so it’s a good idea to learn how to construct a portable low-tech device that lets you use the sun to tell the time. Making a sundial allows you to utilize all of the principles that pertain to the observed movements of the sun across the sky, and the various methods that have been devised to create a standard for time. After you’ve made your first sundial, you’ll have joined…

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how much water is enough?

“SURVIVAL HYDRATION IS A CONCEPT THAT DISCUSSES HOW LITTLE FLUID YOU ACTUALLY NEED TO SURVIVE. IF A GALLON A DAY IS GOOD FOR PREPPING (FOR DRINKING AND CLEANING), HOW MUCH WATER CAN A PERSON REASONABLY LIVE ON IF THE SITUATION WARRANTS IT?” Described by planetary explorers as a Goldilocks planet, our solitary blue dot is just the right distance away from the sun — not too far and not too close — so that water is present in liquid form on its surface. No other planet in our solar system has the traits necessary to hold water in liquid form; most are way too cold, such as Neptune and Uranus, while the inner planets, such as Mercury and Venus, are much too hot. However, Earth does this in a big way,…