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American Survival Guide July 2020

Prepare yourself family for when disaster strikes. Step-by step instructions on how to provide energy to your home, grow and preserve your own food, prepare a first-aid kit, make water drinkable.

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early lessons learned from the covid-19 pandemic

Well, it’s finally happened. Were you ready for it, and what lessons have you learned, or validated? The events of the past several months have left much of the world in a state of shock, and many people have crossed the line from concern to panic. The true nature of humanity has had its veil lifted, exposing a wide range of responses to the invisible and mysterious threat presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. People are even brawling over toilet paper and shooting at others who don’t adhere to their definition of "social distancing." Lesson: People change when the SHTF. While many were prepared for the fallout, even seasoned preppers have never experienced the likes of this onslaught. Until the count of cases in the United States began climbing almost exponentially, the general reaction…

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new products

American Survival Guide is always on the lookout for the best new gear for our readers. This month, we’re happy to bring you a variety of new firearms, knives, camping gear and survival equipment. Whether you’re looking for gear to defend your loved ones, keep them fed and hydrated through an emergency or are just looking to spend some time relaxing or exploring the outdoors, we have a broad selection of quality products for your consideration. 1 Cold Steel SRK Compact Fixed Blade The original Cold Steel SRK was introduced in 1990 and has been one of the company’s most popular models ever since. It’s been a popular choice for Special Operations survival training because of its simple, effective design, rugged construction and ease of maintenance. The brand-new SRK Compact offers all…

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bug-out planning isn’t enough

Planning, especially effective planning, is the art of determining what you want or need to do and then thinking through each task so you know ahead of time what you’ll do. If you want to be effective in preparedness and survival situations, you should give yourself permission, and the time, to sit down and think through the various scenarios you expect to face. THINK ABOUT THE UNEXPECTED The basics for typical emergency scenarios are obvious to most of us, but each has its own unique needs and challenges that we need to think through. “IF YOU WANT TO BE EFFECTIVE IN PREPAREDNESS AND SURVIVAL SITUATIONS, YOU SHOULD GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION, AND THE TIME, TO SIT DOWN AND THINK THROUGH THE VARIOUS SCENARIOS YOU EXPECT TO FACE.” For instance, your planned route out of town…

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what does ‘bugging out’ mean?

In most cases, when you “bug out,” you’re leaving your home for a short period of time to go to a safer location until you can return home. This might be your retreat in the woods, a motel room in a nearby city or your friend’s home in the next state. Most likely, it’s not going to be an extended expedition for which you’ll need food for three months rather than for the three days to get you to your bug-out location. However, if that’s the case, you don’t need a BOB (bug-out bag)—you need an INCH (“I’m never coming home”) bag. That’s a completely different topic.…

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what to include in your bug-out equipment

When doing your planning, think about two kinds of equipment: What gear goes in your bug-out bag, and what goes in your bug-out vehicle? The following isn’t a list of specific items; it’s a more useful overview of what kind of stuff to include: BUG-OUT BAG •Shelter and sleep system •Food and cooking gear •Water and ways to treat and carry it •Sanitation and hygiene •Navigation and communication •Fire •First aid BUG-OUT VEHICLE •Extra food and water for you and your family •Extra supplies for your vehicle, as well as gasoline (maybe), engine oil, coolant, wiper blades and a battery-powered air compressor to refill a low tire •A tire repair kit that uses plugs. Avoid the cans that spray foam into the tire, because the tire can’t be repaired after you use foam. •Tire chains •A piece of carpet to sit on in bad…

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in the crosshairs

I didn’t know what to expect. On my first shot, I was startled. On my second shot, I was impressed. After that, I was downright cocky. These crossbows were too easy. I started shooting a recurve bow as a teenager. I have a lightweight takedown recurve that fits in my emergency load-out bag, along with a half-dozen arrows and other survival gear. Eventually, I bought a compound bow too. However, I wanted to find out whether it made sense to take the next step. Especially as a tool for wilderness survival or for procuring food in the aftermath of a disaster, would spending money on a crossbow provide enough advantages to make it worthwhile? To answer that question, I put three crossbows to the test. All three are made in United States, and…