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Antique Trader August 12, 2020

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fall york show canceled

YORK, Penn. – The coronavirus pandemic has claimed another antiques and collectibles victim with the canceling of The Original 175th Semi-Annual York Antiques Show & Sale this September, organizers announced. Originally scheduled for September 18 and 19, show manager Melvin Arion said the focus now turns to the 176th edition of the popular antiques show, tentatively set for January 29-31, 2021. “It’s best for everyone concerned,” Arion said of the show’s cancelation. “Customers, dealers, staff, there are a lot of people to think about. We just have to concentrate on getting back to normal times, whenever that is.” Although canceling a show means a financial hit for everyone involved, Arion is confident the tradition of the show will prevail long term. “We’re the mecca for antiques in York County,” Arion said. Long considered one…

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shaker table delights at morphy

DENVER, Penn. – The spotlight may have been shining on a stellar array of art glass, jewelry and watches at Morphy’s Fine & Decorative Arts Auction in mid-July, but it was a circa-1840 Shaker sewing table that stitched up the top price at the $3.2 million sale in central Pennsylvania. An unapologetically simple form, the seven-drawer drop-leaf table of mixed woods likely came from the Shaker community at Hancock, Massachusetts. It was attributed to Elder David Terry, who is known to have crafted similar tables. However, there was some speculation amongst experts that it might have come from the boys’ workshop at Hancock. A published example (Shaker Furniture: The Craftsmanship of an American Communal Sect by Andrews & Andrews, 1937, Yale Press), the table was entered in the sale with a…

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a poolside view of summer

THE KEY AND WHISTLE are on a hook in my sister’s home, by her front door. Or maybe in the kitchen. She’s not sure. This news staggers me. The most powerful key and whistle of our entire Kid World and she’s not sure where it is. I blame the chlorine. Finally, after all these years and all that swimming at our municipal pool, the chlorine has taken its toll on her memory. Oh well, it was worth it. We lived in The Pool. Seriously. It was less than two blocks from our small-town Wisconsin home. Running barefoot, dodging gravel driveways and scampering over hot blacktop, we could get to The Pool in no time at all. And so we were. The entire summer. In the morning, just after the sun melted the ice, I took…

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fbi busts forgery ring

A concerned art buyer and a type of paint that did not exist almost 100 years ago led FBI agents to recently raid a northern Michigan home believed to be the center of a national art-forgery ring. The suspected forgeries of paintings formerly attributed to noted surrealist artist Gertrude Abercrombie and Precisionism artists George Ault and Ralston Crawford fooled art experts into shelling more than $700,000 for them. According to The Detroit News, which broke the story, the raid by 30 agents targeted Traverse City, Michigan, resident Donald “D.B” Henkel, 60, a self-described artist who is accused in a sealed FBI search warrant affidavit of orchestrating conspiracy that started in March 2016 and involved previously unknown paintings by these well-known artists. The years-long investigation culminated outside a large red barn and Henkel’s…

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it’s on retired jeweler hides $1 million in michigan treasure hunt

Grab your shovel. There’s treasure to be found. A Michigan jeweler and treasure hunt fan is launching a contest, which could lead you to find his $1 million cache of buried gems, valuable coins and precious metals. Johnny Perri, owner of J&M Jewelers in Washington Township, Michigan, which is about 50 miles north of Detroit, has decided to close his business after 23 years. But instead of easing into a retirement he said was forced by the coronavirus pandemic that battered his business, Perri is having the time of his life – and betting you will too. Inspired by legendary treasure hunter Forrest Fenn, whose $1 million gold chest was recently discovered in the Rocky Mountains after a decade-long search, Perri has hidden his treasure across Michigan and is challenging you to find…

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discover the digs of ramesses vi

Want to feel like you’re Indiana Jones exploring an ancient Egyptian tomb, but don’t want to leave your couch to do it? Egypt’s Ministries of Tourism and Antiquities has your back. Thanks to a virtual tour, you can unleash your inner Indy and have an archaeological adventure discovering the tomb of Ramesses VI, while remaining in the comfort and safety of your own home. The virtual tour is hosted by Matterport, a website offering 3D modeling with the help of Egypt’s tourism group. This tomb can usually be visited in person, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the tour has been taken online for the foreseeable future. Even so, no details were spared. You can zoom in, look up, down, and around, and take as much time you need to check out all of…