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Antique Trader September 23, 2020

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schreiner shines

This month we’re taking a look at a vintage costume jewelry brand that is having its moment: Schreiner. Not that Schreiner jewelry hasn’t always been on the radar of savvy collectors. It has. But over the past few years demand has surged, and values have risen accordingly. What’s driving the current popularity? First and foremost, worthiness. Schreiner designs are exceptional, the materials are captivating and the quality is high. Yes, I’m biased being a Schreiner collector myself, but when you compare the jewelry by this brand to others, it truly does stand out. Secondly, a book published in 2017, Schreiner: Masters of Twentieth-Century Costume Jewelry by Carole Tanenbaum and Eve Townsend, fueled demand. As more collectors learned about these gorgeous jewels, more dealers sought to stock them further increasing desirability. This is…

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lessons learned from grandma

TODAY ANTIQUE TRADER promises to take you Back To School. Of course, we never actually left. The School of Life doesn’t have study halls, or locker combinations or even a Junior Prom. Mostly it offers endless assignments. We pass. Or we fail. But the lessons keep coming. If we’re lucky, we also come across teachers who make us think, like all great teachers do. Here’s one. Meet Shirley Curry. She’s 84 and lives in southwestern Ohio. After working as a secretary and in a candy factory and several years as an associate in a Kmart women’s clothing department, she retired in 1991. She enjoys quilting. Shirley also has four sons. And 911,000 grandkids. Well, that’s not entirely true. By the time you read this she’ll have more than 911,000 grandkids. Such is the life of a…

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lawn art

Around 1900, as homes were spreading outward from the inner city, lawns began to come into vogue and mowers were needed to maintain those new lawns. Once established, water was needed to keep these new lawns green. That required regular watering to prevent grass from turning brown and dying. Thus was a new market born: lawn sprinklers. Lawns first appeared in France and spread to Great Britain and the rest of Europe during the 1700s. Lawns most likely appeared as status symbols for the rich. They first emerged as pasture land. Usually, grazing sheep or other farm animals were utilized in keeping the grass trimmed. Continuous grazing kept the grassy areas cropped. Another way was by cutting them using a hand scythe. This probably seemed to those watching the ledger sheets, as…

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archaeologists discover viking sword, other surprises

NORWAY — During the Viking Age, a man died in a village and was buried with a full set of weapons including an ax, spear, shield and sword. Some 1,100 years later, archeologist Astrid Kviseth became the first person to hold the sword in her hands since Viking times, when it was recently discovered in Norway. If that’s not neat enough, the way the sword was placed could indicate the unusual discovery that he was possibly a left-handed warrior. “The fact that he was buried with a full set of weapons tells us that this was a warrior, and in Viking times and the early Middle Ages, most warriors were free men who owned their own farms,” said Raymond Sauvage, an archeologist at the NTNU University Museum and project manager for the…

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architectural salvage

I did not participate in the dumpster-diving days of the 1970s, but over the years I’ve picked up my share of architectural treasures from salvage dealers, antiques shops, eBay, mega flea markets, and even a curb or two. All of these sources remain great places to search for items that help restore character to a historic house. Since I bought my first one — a 1942 Cape Cod in North Carolina, where the first bit of salvage was a bottom-of-the-line Norge dishwasher picked up by my father — the salvage world has grown, changed, and matured in astonishing ways. Walk into a long-time architectural salvage shop and you will find hardware, lighting, structural elements such as doors and newel posts, and furniture neatly arranged in curated galleries that border on posh. Prefer to…

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antique & vintage parts

Taking the place of local classified ads: Facebook Marketplace, where you can find a revolving inventory of everything from free cast-offs to the occasional treasure — locally. Pick it up and save on freight cost. You might find a bargain, like an antique, mahogany display case with glass doors for $90, sold fast and cheap because the family was moving across country. In a recent visit, “Today’s Picks” included a 1959 Corvette, an active bee hive, window sash from a demolished farmhouse, and a Limbert sideboard. Find your location at FacebookMarketplace.com, then filter by distance from your town, price range, and category. Other sources, tried and true, include salvage yards and antiques emporia, eBay, nonprofit architectural recycling centers, big flea markets, and even yard sales. Salvage dealers often arrange finds by type: porch…