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119 (Jul/Aug 2020)

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dreams of progress

Sometimes it is necessary to leave the crowds behind in order to discover the world again. Writers, monks, artists, naturalists, and astronomers are all known to check out for extended periods of time to gain a renewed perspective on life. In this era of extended isolation and social distancing, being away from the maddening throngs of society has been necessary, even mandatory. And with it, as time slowed down and activities came to a halt, there was a chance for reflection on the future direction of society. For the last two decades, in her ongoing project, The Crystal Frontier (1999–), Mai-Thu Perret has been conjuring a fictional commune of women who are in pursuit of an alternative realm, a place where alienation, the patriarchy, and capitalism do not exist. She renders…

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MICHAELA BEAR Michaela Bear is a curator and writer currently working at the RMIT Design Hub Gallery in Melbourne. She previously worked on the 2017 Honolulu Biennial and has written for a range of Australian and international arts publications. (See REVIEWS) MIRTHE BERENTSEN As a writer, journalist, and advisor, Mirthe Berentsen contributes to a wide range of publications and organizations, such as the Dutch Council for Culture, advising the government and parliament on arts and culture. Her 2019 book about literature and psychiatry, Stories from Kings County Hospital, is the result of a sixmonth residency at a mental health hospital in Brooklyn, New York. (See DISPATCH) SARAH BURNEY Sarah Burney is a New-Yorkbased independent curator and writer with a focus on South Asian and Middle Eastern contemporary art, emerging New York artists, and contemporary printmaking. She graduated…

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According to the governmental website for the Municipality of Amsterdam, the city is one of the most multicultural metropolises in the world, with ethnic minorities making up 45 percent of its population. It is often praised for its open and tolerant society, where gay marriage, euthanasia, and prostitution are legal, and drug use is condoned. However, the city has an internal dilemma: its prosperity and supposed freedoms are unequally distributed. In terms of culture, this is reflected in the lack of diversity in Amsterdam’s museums and arts platforms. The Dutch capital has made efforts to rectify this situation, but its initiatives have thus far seen uneven results. Since 2019, in order to avoid funding cuts from the municipal government, public arts organizations must show that they have policy plans for diversity,…

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art as multispecies vibrancy

See our website for the Chinese version of this article. In 2020, the Point examines how our cultural and sociopolitical systems are implicated in climate change, and what actions the arts industry can take. For this issue, we invited Zheng Bo to discuss nonanthropocentric art and the importance of interspecies collaboration. The Covid-19 pandemic has achieved what countless human environmental activists have failed to do over the past 50 years since Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970. Factories were shut. Flights were canceled. People stayed home, tended gardens, and went hiking when possible. Many of us came to the same conclusion: it is okay to do less. Among the lessons that the virus has taught us, tragically, is that we cannot continue living in the fantasy that we own this…

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On May 13, Samson Young won the inaugural M+ Sigg Prize in Hong Kong with his 12-channel sound-and-video installation Muted Situations #22: Muted Tchaikovsky’s 5th (2018), receiving HKD 500,000 (USD 64,500). Abstract painter and writer Etel Adnan was named the international winner of the 2020 Griffin Poetry Prize on May 19, sharing the honor and CAD 65,000 (USD 46,440) with author Sarah Riggs, who translated her winning book, Time (2019), from French to English. On the same day, Sharjah Art Foundation announced the ten grant recipients of its seventh Production Programme, giving the artists USD 20,000 each to create new works. Photo by Winnie Yeung / iMAGE28. Courtesy M+, Hong Kong.…

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Rifat Chadirji (1926–2020), who designed more than 100 buildings in Iraq and is hailed as the “father of Iraqi architecture,” died from Covid-19 in London on April 10. Also in London, printmaker, sculptor, and poet Zarina Hashmi (1937–2020), known for her minimalist prints that reference her family history and the notion of home, passed away on April 25 from Alzheimer’s complications. Multimedia artist Li Hui (1977–2020), recognized for his atmospheric light installations, died of an undisclosed illness on May 4 in Beijing. Courtesy Gallery Espace, New Delhi.…