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Australian Knife Magazine Issue 7 March - May 2019

Australian Knife Magazine is for everyone who appreciates a well made knife. We aim to cater to makers (aspiring and established), collectors and users of every variety. We bring to you news, reviews, tips and tricks, collectors' insight from Australia and around the World. We keep you informed of latest trends in both custom and factory made edged tools with focus on high quality, detailed photos. The only publication of its type in Australia!

Australian Knife Magazine
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editor’s say

I can remember when I first decided to stop hiding behind my anonymous internet facade and start contributing to the knife community. The 21st century brought Internet and online shopping into our lounge rooms and offices in earnest and with it the whole World became accessible. Information and products that had previously been almost impossible to purchase became readily available to us. Today’s generation of consumers would laugh at how we used to purchase via mail order catalogues, writing cheques or having to purchase international money orders. But with online shopping and Internet banking came new warnings of cyber crime, and protecting our identity came in the form of user names and social media nicknames. Hiding behind avatars and “firewalls” certainly offers comfort and protection, but it also leaves you…

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sharpening high-end knives

Knife Grinders www.knifeGrinders.com.au Let’s debunk the myth that supersteels hold super-sharp edges. Facts tell us that the initial bluntening rate is relatively rapid regardless of steel. Though premium, wear-resistant steels win in the long run, they lose their initial keenness almost at the same rate as a mainstream knife. High-end blade steels win over mainstream as stayers, but they are both equal sprinters out of the gate. High-end knives and mainstream knives lose the initial keenness of the 0.05-0.2 micron apex at a similar rate, but past this point the similarity ends. We’ve seen this in our BESS-SET (Structural Edge Tester) tests on edge stability, in CATRA tests done by Larrin Thomas (knifesteelnerds.com), in Nathan Stuart’s tests on edge retention in high-end knives (presented on our website), and most people who sharpen high-end…

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spiderman etch

This knife was raffled off with all proceeds going to 2018 Chanel 7 Telethon Appeal. “The Channel 7 Telethon Trust is a charity that financially supports the medical and social welfare of children and young people and funds research into children’s diseases. “ Figure 1. "Here is the image I wish to replicate. Or part of it at least." Figure 2. Hand sanded the blade to its finished satin at 600g. Since the whole blade will be etched theres not too much point taking it further. Blade is then cleaned with acetone to remove any oils from my hands and fingers. It’s pretty important not to touch the blade with your fingers after this. The oil will act as a resist against the acid and it will be blotchy. Figure 3. I made and cut a stencil…

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2018 adelaide knife show

Australian Knife Magazine The famous Arkabah Hotel has hosted the Adelaide Knife Show for over a quarter of a century, so it should come as no surprise that this is one of the most well run knife shows in the country. With impeccable service, plenty of natural light in this grand circular room with parquet floors and peaked dome roof reminiscent of a gothic cathedral, or an ark? But most people here don’t even notice the beauty of this place, everyone’s eyes are only focused on the spectacular bladeware displayed here and the talented craftsmen responsible for bringing them here. The suppliers were also on hand, with knife making supplies and tools, equipment, everything a knife maker needs to get started or to complete the next challenging project. The diversity of…

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editor’s collection

Australian Knife Magazine In this issue, we open the editor’s safe to share some of the gems within. A collection that covers custom knives, Australian military knives from WW2 and some highly desirable factory creations, we start this series of articles with a couple of personal favourites from arguably the most collectible brand: Spyderco, C13GBW “Lone Wolf” and the C13GBE “Screaming Eagle”, both rare variation of the Pro-Venator model, circa 1993-94. Featuring custom engraved cast bronze and sterling silver overlays by renowned American Knifemakers Guild member Gary Blanchard. Actual number of these manufactured is not known, estimated 50 of each (Police model with a “Flying Eagle” engraving as part of this series). The knives feature 71mm Gin 1 stainless steel blade 60/40 partially serrated, 98mm closed length supplied in a soft Spyderco…

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the jaywick knives

For several months Z Special Unit (Z Special) laboured in preparation for a mission that they were yet to learn the nature of. Their mission would strike deep within Japanese dominated territory atoning for the allied defeat, just nine months prior, when the fortress of Singapore fell. The mission was Operation Jaywick and it would see a small Japanese sampan, the MV Krait, travel to Singapore where canoe teams would sink enemy shipping in the harbour. Little did they know that Operation Jaywick would become one of the most audacious and celebrated allied raids of WW2. Late in 1942 the ‘Ann’, a work boat requisitioned by the Service Reconnaissance Department (SRD), made its way down the deep Coal and Candle Creek. Ann’s final destination was a highly secret Z Special training…