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BBC Good Food Magazine December 2019

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welcome to december

‘Winter is my favourite culinary season; it’s the food of celebration and survival. When you come home on a cold, wet day, open the door and smell something cooking – that’s one of the best things.’ Nigel Slater shares his joy of cooking with Emma Freud on page 127. His love of simplicity chimes with this issue’s celebratory theme – spend less time wrestling with hundreds of ingredients and complicated kit, and more time eating with the people you love. So, what to cook this season? Anna Glover’s easy two-tray Christmas dinner is a revelation (p32), while Diana Henry’s marmalade, ginger & star anise ham (p98) requires a little effort but is still, like all Good Food recipes, very achievable. This year, Good Food celebrated its 30th anniversary, and to mark it,…

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NOW WE’RE EATING Furikake devilled eggs Serve this twist on a classic canapé at your next party Furikake is a Japanese seasoning that is traditionally sprinkled on rice, but like so many other seasonings, it works well in all sorts of mash-ups. Think of it like salt and pepper. There’s no one recipe but it often contains seaweed and sesame seeds, and comes in different flavours like matcha, bonito and wasabi. Recently, we’ve spotted it dusted over cocktail glasses, French toast and sprinkled on fried eggs. Nadiya Hussain serves it tossed with chips in Nadiya’s Family Favourites cookbook. Try it here in an easy retro canapé with a hint of wasabi and pickled ginger. Furikake devilled eggs MAKES 12 PREP 15 mins COOK 10 mins EASY V 6 large eggs2 spring onions, trimmed2 tbsp kewpie mayonnaise…

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What is it? There are many varieties of hibiscus, but the most popular edible variety is hibiscus sabdariffa, also known as roselle or sorrel (in Jamaica). The dried petals and other dried parts of the plant are used as a flavouring in drinks, especially herbal teas and hibiscus water (also called agua fresca, try it at Mexican street-food chain Wahaca), but it’s increasingly been appearing in many more types of food and drink, from chutneys to sorbets, cocktails to chocolates. In fact, it was named ‘flavour of the year’ by fragrance and flavour company Firmenich. What does it taste like? Hibiscus tastes less floral than other edible flowers like rose and lavender. Instead, it has a fruity, tart flavour like cranberry. How should I use it? Dried hibiscus can be steeped in boiling water and…

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anna s food picks

Pleesecakes black forest pine cone mini cheesecakes (280g, pack of 2), £12, Ocado Need a last-minute dessert? We love these mini cheesecakes which combine creamy chocolate cheesecake with chocolate brownie and a cherry compote filling on a biscuit base. Speculaas sandwich biscuits (155g), £13.95, Fortnum & Mason Crisp, mildly spiced biscuits sandwich a chunky dark chocolate filling. The gorgeous tin makes these a great gift, too. Kinda Co faux lox & dill creamy spread (130g), £6.99, shop. lafauxmagerie.com This vegan cream cheese is made from cashews, carrots, lemon and dill. Try it on bagels or on crackers. Chunky piccalilli (300g), £6.95, libertylondon.com This tangy, slightly sweet piccalilli has nice big chunks of crunchy veg. It’s delicious with a strong cheddar, lancashire (see below) or leftover Christmas ham. Trotter Hill lancashire cheese (200g), £2.50, butlerscheeses.co.uk This crumbly cheese from Preston-based…

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i m loving pili nuts

Pili nuts taste like a cross between a macadamia and a cashew, but are much creamier, light and delicately crunchy, with a buttery taste. In the Filipino rainforests, where they grow on huge trees in the shadow of the mighty Mount Mayon volcano, locals eat them as a deep-fried snack tossed in sugar. Now they’re available in the UK thanks to a Fairtrade collaboration between the Mount Mayon brand and farmers and experts from the University of the Philippines. The nuts are wild-harvested and then pre-sprouted in purified mountain water before undergoing a 17-stage drying process. They’re naturally high in protein and fibre, and free from gluten, trans-fats and cholesterol. For added oomph, Mount Mayon dusts its pili with seasonings including Himalayan pink salt, Ecuadorian cacao and Kyoto matcha. The…

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3 of the best party nibbles

Mr Filbert’s indulgent black truffle & sea salt mixed nuts (190g), £3.95, Ocado Upgrade salted nuts for these at your next party. Flavoured with just enough truffle to provide an umami hit without being overpowering, these are a seriously addictive snack. The Drinks Bakery drinks biscuits Cheddar, chilli & almond (8 x 36g boxes), £15.60, Amazon These super-cheesy, savoury biscuits have been designed to pair with drinks, and go well with smoky whiskies, fruity beers and malbecstyle wines. Baking Agent mini mince pies (360g, pack of 12), £3.79, Ocado These bite-sized mince pies cook from frozen in just 15 minutes. Leave them to cool for 5 mins, then sprinkle with icing sugar and voila – perfect, warm pies.…