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It’s been a somewhat frantic start to the year. In fact, I can’t remember a busier kick-off, or an issue more rammed with content. As I sat trying to work out how to shoehorn it all in, it became immediately clear that this was going to be something of a special edition. TopGear has had 37 presenters in its history, and this month we increase the number to 43 as we announce the team for the new series. Few starting line-ups can have been more eagerly anticipated, speculated upon or scrutinised, but I’m delighted to welcome Matt, Chris, Eddie, Sabine and Rory to the team. The other end of the office is humming as they race towards the new series; the walls are covered with maps, routes, plans and pages and…

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TWITTER.COM/BBC_TOPGEAR FACEBOOK.COM/TOPGEAR INBOX@TOPGEAR.COM SECOND FLOOR A, ENERGY CENTRE, IMMEDIATE MEDIA COMPANY LONDON LIMITED, MEDIA VILLAGE, 201 WOOD LANE, LONDON W12 7TN FROM TOPGEAR.COM We reckon the new 345bhp Ford Focus RS is a game-changer. What do you think? Well, I wouldn’t call it boring-looking. Neither sexy, though. Sometimes that’s not a bad thing. This will liven up the aftermarket industry. Mondeovsky I couldn’t even read the article without chuckling in delight. Sounds like a pure hoot. That Car Guy, Though Agree, this is the STI Subaru failed to build. Hatch and all. Reid Want one in grey! Think I’ll move to Belgium though, where it’ll cost €38k – here in Holland, it’s a staggering €50k. Jeroen I really hope this makes Mitsubishi and Subaru step up their game and keep blessing the world with awesome roadready rally machines. Nolan McIntyre Big fan of the Fiesta ST.…

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mclaren 570gt

Is McLaren going all soft on us? This is the 570GT – a modded version of the all-conquering 570S with milder chassis settings, added luxury and more cargo area. But to leave it there would be bending the facts. It’s still the lightest car in its class at 1,350kg, and is propelled by the same 562bhp twin-turbo V8 as the 570S. It therefore still crushes 0–62mph in 3.4 seconds (0.2 slower than the 570S), 0–124mph in 9.8 and tops out at 204mph. For the benefit of our American readers, it completes the 1/4 mile in 11.1 seconds at 132mph. Not slow, then. The obvious difference between the GT and the S is the body shape. There are no more flying buttresses; instead, the bodywork sweeps into a gentle, softly curved fastback…

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practical supercars

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jaguar f-type svr

We suspect you probably haven’t looked at a 542bhp Jaguar F-Type R AWD and thought, “Y’know, what this really needs is more power and some more speed.” Jaguar it seems, does not share your opinion, because it has confirmed precisely that: there will be another new F-Type with more power and some more speed. It will be called the F-Type SVR, and you can have one this summer. That’s right, step forward Jaguar Land Rover’s special ops division whose work you might recognise in the riotously unhinged Range Rover Sport SVR. “We could do an SVR version of any of our cars,” boss John Edwards told TG late last year. Indeed. So, what we get is a pumped-up, angrified F-Type, and also the first-ever SVR-honed Jaguar. As you can correctly surmise,…

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bentley mulsanne lwb

Freakishly-tall billionaires listen up, Bentley has built something with your legs in mind. This is the new long-wheelbase Mulsanne – a car that Bentley says delivers a “first-class air-travel experience on the road”, minus the attentive hostess. The wheelbase has been extended by 250mm to 3,516mm, with every mm of that dedicated to extra rear legroom. To make the most of it, an extending leg rest lets you choose between upright, relaxed and “wake me up when we’re home, Jeeves” reclined positions. There’s a new separate sunroof in the back, too, so you can stargaze between important phone calls. Power from the 6.75-litre twin-turbo V8 remains an adequate 505bhp with 752lb ft of torque – enough for 0–60mph in 5.1secs. Performance for the standardwheelbase model and the 530bhp Speed remain unchanged, although…