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range rover’s found room for a small(ish) one...

A ll the best ideas seem blindingly obvious once you’ve heard them! And here’s a doozy! With the average Evoque selling for "#$k and the average Sport selling for "%&k' you don’t need a marketing degree to identify there’s a yawning hole in the Range Rover line(up ) one that’s currently mopped up by the Audi Q*' BMW X#' Porsche Macan and Jaguar F(Pace! Enter the new mid(sized Velar ) designed to bisect the Evoque and Sport in terms of size and cost' and sit at a reassuringly higher price point than the F(Pace ) the car it shares its aluminium underpinnings with! “We are making a transition from being what I would describe as specialist brand into a more universally appealing brand'” Gerry McGovern' Land Rover’s design boss' explains! “It…

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2 hot hatches keep getting cleverer

T he outgoing Fiesta ST is notoriously uncomplicated$ Take driving modes$ A Smart ForTwo has two$ Even the Vauxhall Astra has a Sport button& and so does a Renault Scenic$ But not the old ST$ You can switch its ESP into an intermediary Sport mode or turn it off altogether& but that does nothing to the steering& throttle response or dampers$ This new one has three modes 2 Normal& Sport and Track 2 and each has its own effect on the ST’s steering& engine mapping and stability/ traction control$ There’s also something called Electronic Sound Enhancement& which& together with a valve in the exhaust& is supposed to make the ST sound more exciting$ The thing that makes the sound has got cleverer& too$ The new ST has the same *-/bhp and…

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3 audis are looking cooler*

H ow would you like your Audi coupe? Traditional? Meet the new two!door M" rival# the RS$% Its &%'secs sprint matches the new RSS&# but Audi’s heartland performance coupe has buckled to downsizing# ditching naturally aspirated V( power for a bi!turbo )%'!litre V* related to the new Porsche Panamera "S’s heart% It develops """bhp# sends ""&lb ft to all four tyres and promises to be at least eleventy per cent less scary than the BMW M"% Say you’d fancy your ‘coupe’ in a four!door# SUV!shaped niche? Let Audi present the Q( sport concept% This Q( differs from Detroit’s version by more than just an orange paintjob% It adds an electric compressor to the bi!turbo V*# eradicating turbo lag and dropping its ,-*)mph time from $%" to "%.secs% It’ll also run for…

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4 evs are no longer sensible, in any way...

Tesla has owned the ‘electric cars can be ultra%quick too’ space for long enough now to irritiate other carmakers$ so they’re piling into the fray with their own über%EVs) Start%ups come no more ambitious than Singapore’s Vanda Electrics$ which has teamed up with the Williams brains behind Williams F! to create the Dendrobium hypercar) We’re told to expect a #..mph1 vmax$ .//&#mph in #)+secs$ motorised doors and customer cars in #.#.) If you’d prefer your electric supercar to actually$ er$ exist$ may we present the fastest Porsche four%door ever2 the Panamera Turbo S e%hybrid) Yup$ from now on if you desire the fastest Panamera$ you need to buy the one with electro%boost$ using nous from the "!3 Spyder and heralding a future of hybrid Cayennes and yes$ "!!s) The Turbo…

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7 amg goes after the panamera

I f you fancy the Mercedes!AMG GT Coupe but need more doors and seats" well here you go# Behold the simply but confusingly named Mercedes!AMG GT Concept It’s peppered in concepty details# Door mirrors give way to lipstick cams# The wheels have twisted! rib spokes# Look" Mum" no wipers# Yet it plainly previews a real thing# Says Merc$ “This four!door coupe heralds the further extension of the AMG GT family#” An extension that’s plainly lining up to have a go at the Porsche Panamera It’s a five!door" with a hatch almost exactly like the Coupe’s# But despite the resemblance to the GT Coupe" it’s not just a lengthening job like Aston Martin did with DB%&Rapide# In fact it uses a whole different platform# See" the GT Coupe has an aluminium structure with a…

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8 bently’s (maybe) going electric

“D oes an electric car have to look like a refrigerator! or should it still have the romance and the emotion of a car! and in our case! of a Bentley?” The words of Bentley’s design director Stefan Sielaff! as he shows us the EXP #$ Speed %e the week before its unveiling at the Geneva motor show& Yep! while everyone from Ford to Ferrari went speed mad in Switzerland! Bentley were the ones showing off a zero emissions car… You don’t need Sielaff to point out that this is no Nissan Leaf or Renault Twizy rival! though& It’s a very pretty two'seater convertible that reminds us of the Aston V( Vantage Roadster& It works much better in the flesh than in pictures! trust us& The Speed %e is a concept car!…