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There are some for whom a car is merely 15ft of conveyance, a dispassionate white good which serves as a means of getting from one place to another. But if you’re reading this magazine, it’s more likely than not that your relationship with cars exists on a very different, more engaged, more passionate, deeper-rooted level. For many of us, looking at and talking about cars is a central and hugely enjoyable thread throughout our lives. Dig deeper into what fuels that relationship, and it soon becomes clear that, for most of us, cars, our passion for them, the technology they drive and the freedom and spirit of adventure they encapsulate, represent a fundamental part of the joy of life. This month we delve deeper into that relationship and explore what it…

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making it happen

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spidey sense

WE SAY: A REIMAGINING OF A CLASSIC THAT’S NOT A TRAVESTY? BRING IT ON... Old rally cars really do it for me. And it looks like I’m not alone. They’re back. Top early-Seventies Monte Carlo contenders were the Lancia Stratos, Alpine A110 and Abarth 124. Their four-decades past is overtaking us. Renault is reviving Alpine on a car inspired by that original. Fiat ditto with the Abarth. (No chance of a production reinvention of the Stratos, sadly, though Michael Stoschek famously commissioned his Ferrari-Pininfarina one-of.) One other offence I’d like to be taken into consideration. I owned and rebuilt a Fiat 124 Spider. We all have some sort of lodestone that steers our motor emotions, and for me it was always beautiful Pininfarina roadsters with plenty of camshafts and carburettors. Against all of…

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cheap & cheerful

WE SAY: DON’T THINK OF THIS AS A DOWNMARKET ABARTH OR SIMPLY A REBADGED MX-5 The Abarth 124 is fun, but it’s £30k for 170bhp. That might seem, in horsepower terms, a poor return in investment. Most people will probably stick with the Fiat. It makes 140bhp, but really it’s hardly slower, and you pay comfortably less for it. Like the Abarth, it’s powered by the MultiAir variable-valve engine from the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, but here it’s 30bhp less. But the critical number is torque. The Fiat’s figure is just four per cent less than the Abarth’s, and their gear ratios and final drives are the same. In other words, until the moment you really have a go at the red line, the Fiat is as lively. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound as…

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real estate

WE SAY: THE ORIGINAL KING OF ESTATES IS BACK WITH A NEW WAGON We love big estates, but Volvo reckons people no longer buy them to haul vast boxy loads. If you want to do that, or indeed carry seven people, get the XC90. The new V90 actually has a few fewer litres in its boot than the V70 that it replaces. Its slightly rakish silhouette and sloping rear glass mean the V90 can’t quite ingest Ikea boxes like Swedish estates once could. Its boot, even with its rear seats folded, is big in area but shallow floor-to-ceiling. Still, on the 363 days a year when you don’t need max cube, you’ll appreciate the clever storage and tie-down gadgets. Anyway, estates are cool. More so when they look like this. For passengers and…