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The issue that you have in your hand is a 172-page testament to the fact that the car industry we all love has never been more vibrant, diverse and creative, or offered a broader range of stunning creations at any time in its history. At TopGear, we work hard to deliver you the broadest range of content and the best access to this fascinating world on a monthly basis. An issue of TopGear should let you dream a little, open doors that most can’t get access to, take you on an adventure, entertain and excite you, and answer the questions that make you the best-informed audience in the world, and issue 298 doesn’t disappoint. Let’s start with our cover story, where the battle for the hot-hatch heartland continues with the arrival…

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1 renault hasn’t ballsed up the alpine

THINGS WE’VE LEARNT THIS MONTH Laurent Hurgon is one of RenaultSport’s test pilotes, and no doubt he could drive the high-speed handling track at the company’s vast Aubevoye facility backwards with his eyes closed while singing La Marseillaise. But even so, this is something else. Politely, he asks if I’m OK going quickly as we set of. Yep. “And a dreeft?” Yes, dreeft away. We want to see what the Alpine A110 is made of. What follows is illuminating. First, this particular track is brilliant, and throws all sorts of nasties at a car. Second, like all world-class drivers Laurent conjures magic out of the machine with magnifcent economy of motion. It’s like that bit at the end of The Matrix where Neo beats the bad guy in slo-mo. Third, as far…

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911 bolsters its supercar status... it’s the return of the widowmaker

Can’t remember driving the 911 Turbo S and thinking it needed another 118bhp. And two fewer driven wheels. But then the new GT2 RS isn’t about need – we’re deep into the supercar stratosphere here, where mind-boggling numbers and outrageous design hold currency – whether you can use any of it on the public road or not is a secondary concern. So we start with the fgures – 690bhp (700PS) and 553lb ft from a better-hung version of the Turbo S’s 3.8-litre fat-six. Larger turbos and a water-sprayed intercooler accounts for the bump. With a kerbweight of 1,470kg (205kg less than the 4WD Turbo S), performance is eye-opening: 0–62mph in 2.8 seconds, 211mph fat-out. Standard kit is from Porsche’s top shelf, so a seven-speed PDK (no manual, but – trust us –…

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3 m3s and c63s are for wimps

Behold the barmiest, least rational car you’ll see today. It’s Jaguar’s latest Special Vehicle Operations project. In the baldest terms it’s an XE saloon that costs a fver short of £150,000. Naturally, Project 8 is rather more than that. Following on from Project 7, it’s even more bespoke and specialised. Jag’s SVO boss describes it as the company’s “most track-focused and powerful road car ever”. Yep, even the XJ220 is outshone. Out goes a rep-friendly diesel engine, in comes a 5.0-litre supercharged V8. It’s familiar from a whole suite of Jaguar performance cars, but none has yet ofered the 592bhp – or nice round 600PS – of Project 8. Despite copious carbon fbre components, this is a 1,745kg car, making it several passengers heavier than a regular XE. Doesn’t stop it hitting…

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4 the golf gti has been cloned...

This is the brand-new, MkVI VW Polo, but we’ll skip to the three letters that will pique your interest – GTI. It’s the range-topper (unless VW is planning an R), and gets a slightly bigger engine than its predecessor. And more power. So there’s now a 2.0-litre turbo with 192bhp (compared to the outgoing GTI’s 1.8-litre unit and 187bhp), matched to your choice of 6spd manual (tick yes) or 7spd DSG (maybe, but probably no) driving the front wheels. There’s a standard “sport” chassis, and an optional “sport select” chassis (adaptive dampers), along with a specially designed front bumper, badges, optional LEDs, sill extensions and the classic GTI interior. You know, tartan seats, sport steering wheel and red stitching. It’s built on VW’s MQB A0 platform, which – if you don’t spend…

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5 polestar will now exclusively build high-performance electric cars

Well, you didn’t expect Volvo to follow the pack, did you? Volvo’s Polestar sub-brand is to become a stand-alone electric sports car manufacturer – a stark change from S60s and V60s with more power and posh suspension components. Thomas Ingenlath has moved from head of design at Volvo to be the new Polestar CEO. He said: “I am really excited to take up the challenge of establishing this exciting brand, developing a fabulous portfolio of bespoke products and channelling the passion we have throughout the Polestar team. The next chapter in Polestar’s history is just beginning.” SD…