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welcome... the annual TopGear Awards issue, like sports day for cars but with no politically correct stickers for effort over performance (or, as you could put it, trying hard but coming last). No, the automotive world is a do-geat-dog environment where only the very best succeed and a TopGear award signifies a product that excels in its category, representing the best of the best and a very significant achievement. In short, these awards matter. Our annual celebration of the greatest cars of the year is always a good audit for the health of the automotive world, and as the stars of this month’s gorgeous foldout cover prove, it’s been another incredible year. The pace of progress in this industry never ceases to amaze and fascinate – the speed of development, the…

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making it happen

Who: Jack Rix Where: Highway 33, USA Professional photographers love it when journalists obscure their frame. Jack was happy to oblige. What: Many keys Where: A coffee table TG’s version of putting your keys in a bowl and seeing what you get. More fun than you’d think. Who: Nomad superfans Where: A gondola station Wookie’s entire fan club turned out in force for his trip to the Nevis Range ski resort What: A big red button Where: Saarlouis factory Push this, and the Focus RS production line grinds to a halt. We managed not to. Just. What: Half a Jaguar XF Where: TG of f ice Our Disco Sport gently lowers a brakeless XF into our underground car park. JLR teamwork in action. Who: Charlie Turner Where: Mojave Space Port Forget he’s in the first…

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hope & glory

WE SAY: IGNORE THE HATERS. MASERATI HAS CREATED A GREAT SUV, FIRST TIME AROUND Somewhere on a wide, deserted German motorway, the Maserati’s big digital speedo rolls over 134mph. Then it disappears for a few seconds, replaced by the message “Aerodynamic ride height 2 achieved”. The Levante has kneeled on its air springs to its lowest setting, stabilising it by lowering the centre of gravity while also reducing drag. The threshold speed is actually 106mph, but it doesn’t begin to drop until you’ve been at 106-plus for some seconds. By which time I’ve arrived at 134mph. A few seconds later, at 137mph, the autobox shifts into top. Petrol SUV sales are so tiny in Britain that Maserati reckons it isn’t worth selling us the 430bhp V6 turbo Levante. Instead, we get this…

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more power to the people

Caterham 620S £44,995 WE SAY: CATERHAM DIALS BACK TRACK-DAY INSANITY TO CREATE A SUPERIOR DRIVING MACHINE The highest rung on Caterham’s ladder of lunacy is the 620R. But with almost slick tyres, a frenzied sequential ’box, Veyron-rivalling acceleration (0–60mph in 2.8secs) and a frenetic attitude, that particular Seven deserves to be parked in a straitjacket rather than a garage. So here is what happens if you soften off the edges. It’s called the 620S and it has a windscreen. Also a tent-like roof, flimsy doors, traditional H-pattern gearbox and tyres with some sort of tread pattern. Basically, the S adds creature comforts and a hint of usability to a silly quick Seven. However, those ‘luxuries’ also add sacrilegious weight – 60kg in total – meaning the 620S tips the scales at 610kg. The heff-a-lump.…

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pack leader

Mercedes-Benz E220d £35,935 LIFE INSIDE OR TRY THIS Jaguar XF Tech lags behind, but the XF offers peerless road manners “We have been pursuing the vision of accident-free driving for some time, and we are now making big, big steps towards the realisation of that. When it comes to autonomous cars, we have to be the first, we cannot be a fast follower.” Daimler’s chairman Dr Dieter Zetsche is a busy man, so his presence at the launch of the new E-Class speaks volumes about the importance of this Benz staple. The new E is the car Stuttgart’s serried ranks of cabbies have been waiting for, but it’s also the Mercedes that might put them out of a job. High on the seemingly endless list of new technologies is Drive Pilot, which uses a stereo camera,…