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For most people, 2017 will be remembered for Trump taking office, Brexit negotiations and P Diddy’s insistence that he be referred to as LOVE. While we live in strange times, the automotive world has provided a welcome distraction from the rolling 24hr news cycle of insanity that surrounds us. At the upper reaches of the performance stratosphere, the Bugatti Chiron proved that limitless engineering ambition and equally ambitious budgets could produce results that challenged our understanding of physics. Meanwhile the long-awaited, almost as rare Ford GT delivered on the brief of its Le Mans-conquering history, mildly civilised for the road. While over at McLaren, the 720S proved their momentum and endless pursuit of performance show no signs of slowing any time soon. Porsche’s GT division punctuated the year with a GT3 featuring…

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1 the new aston vantage isn’t shy

THINGS WE’VE LEARNT THIS MONTH “This is our dedicated sports car. It’s simple, pure energy, it’s a hunter. It has a fick in the tail and the lowest nose we’ve ever produced. If the DB11 is a samurai sword, this is a scalpel.” That’s design director Marek Reichman giving us a hands-on intro to the new Aston Martin Vantage. He’s fully spooled up now, arms fying everywhere, his language getting more design-speak by the second. I’ve pressed the pause button here, on his sword/ scalpel analogy, not to point and laugh at some marketing guf, but because in truth it’s rather key. We are witnessing the rebirth of a company, one that’s emerging from a decade where its products overlapped and leaked into one another like layers on a sub-standard trife. Shored…

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2 honda’s urban ev has a matching sports car

Remember the Honda Urban EV concept from the Frankfurt show? Of course you do. It rocked our world with its perfect stance and minimalist look, riddled with hints of Honda Civic MkI, Peugeot 205 GTi and VW Golf MkI. It gave us faith that when future-gazing electric hatchbacks take over, old-school style might still be an option. Now Honda has gone one step further and revealed the Sports EV concept at the Tokyo show. Using the same stripped-back aesthetic, it shows what a two-seater sports car – dare we say a spiritual successor to the rev-hungry S2000 – might look like. And while it won’t be able to deliver 9,000rpm manual upshifts, it’s still got plenty going for it. It’s pure electric, in case you hadn’t clicked yet, and based on the…

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3 drift sticks are now a thing

First Ford launched its fastest Focus, the 345bhp RS, with a Drift Mode. The performance car world rejoiced, and the YouTube servers were bulked up in preparation for copious videos involving ditch and lamppost interfaces. And now, we have the Drift Stick. It’s described as “the first-ever, rally-inspired electronic handbrake, developed and designed for Focus RS and approved by rally and stunt star Ken Block”. If that’s not asking for trouble, we don’t know what is. Ford says it’s for track use only, but it says the same thing about the looser ESP modes of the standard RS. It’s an aluminum lever placed by the gearstick, and it works with the car’s all-wheel drive and anti-lock brakes. Pull the lever and it locks the rear wheels to induce drifts and create an…

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4 apollo isn’t finished with us yet

Remember the Gumpert Apollo? Very fast. Very ugly. Very dead. This is the new, absolutely furious face of Apollo. It’s named Apollo Intensa Emozione, because that sounds better in Italian than Extremely Moody does in English. We’ll just call it the IE for short. Limited to 10 units priced at a tasty €2.3m a pop, the Apollo IE is a track-only, road-illegal supercar that’s here to launch Apollo into the boutique exotica scene. No longer afliated with Roland Gumpert, the company’s been bought out and reimagined by Hong Kong businessman Norman Choi, and he’s created a nostalgic GT1 racecar for the 21st century. Where the hideous old Gumpert Apollo cloaked a tubular steel chassis in slab-sided carbon panels, the slashed-up IE is all carbon fbre. Carbon tub, carbon crash boxes front and…

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5 gordon murray is working on a new supercar

Gordon Murray is launching a new car company, and its frst product will be a sports car that uses “the engineering principles” of the McLaren F1 he designed in the mid Nineties. He’s released a drawing too. He stresses it’s meant “for real-world conditions”. That means not too much power? He nods. We talk about the McLaren 720S, which I’ve just been driving, or the Ducati Panigale bike he had been considering but rejected – things that are too fast for the road. “You can never even use max revs on those 200bhp bikes. You’d be dead or in prison. I just want to get back to real driving.” Today’s cars are “losing the plot on involvement,” says Murray. It won’t have a hybrid powertrain. But he won’t say much more. “We…