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At the end of another fascinatingly frantic year it’s natural to look back and reflect on what the past 12 months have delivered. In our world, time is marked more notably by the new cars that have thrilled us than by the passing of days and months, and, as I look back at 2016, this industry’s ability to surprise and delight, thrill and frustrate, but also to create and captivate, remains undiminished. In this issue we celebrate the best of the best – cars that have formed bright touchpoints for the progress of the past 12 months and whose brilliance finds them providing the solution to any automotive question you care to ask. And what a year it’s been, starting with a bang back in January with the arrival of the…

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making it happen

Who: Lee Brimble Where: Skoda HQ, Milton Keynes Following the zombie apocalypse, photographer Lee Brimble offered to do first lookout watch Who: Mark Riccioni Where: Saint-Tropez Taking photos is so tiring. Mark decides to have a quick nap on the harbourside Who: Elliott Webb Where: MIRA, Nuneaton Surprisingly few offered to go on the cold-weather-test-facility shoot. Elliott drew the short straw Who: Tom Ford and the crew Where: UAE Yes it really does take this many people to organise a TopGear feature in the desert Who: James Lipman Where: the B3081 Odd time and place to go fishing, but it seems Jamie’s got hold of the M2 hook, line and sinker... Who: Chris Rowles Where: a London driveway Chris unleashes his inner Guitar Hero during the estates shoot. Wyld Stallyns are reborn... Been up to anything picture worthy? Send your snaps to or via our Twitter or…

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whale & pace

Every new car that ma t ter s, rated or slated £54,335 £51,450 Maserati Levante Jaguar F-Pace Odd, isn’t it, that we live in an age where manufacturers responsible for several of the most seductive sports cars of the last century, and heroic feats on the racetrack, are staking their future solvency on high-riding, familyorientated, diesel-drinking SUVs. Nowadays, it seems, if a brand has allure we care little about where that magnetism stems from, so long as we can have a slice of it for ourselves: sewn into a leather jacket, slapped across a theme park, or glued to the posterior of a pseudo of-roader. Which is how I fnd myself in the chocolate-box Cotswold town of Burford, adjudicating a bout between Jaguar and Maserati, but rather than upsetting the locals with our…

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pod... not santa pod

Shell Concept Car £n/a This isn’t a car, it’s a rolling treatise on energy reduction. And yes, you are right in thinking this is Gordon Murray’s T25 city car. Although no marque has stepped forward to turn it into a production reality since it appeared in 2012, development hasn’t stopped, and Gordon Murray has partnered with Shell and engine specialists Geo Technology to explore more ways to reduce emissions. Andy Jones, design director at Gordon Murray Design, calls it the weight waterfall – removing weight from one area means you can take more from another. So no stone has been left unturned: body, suspension, brakes, steering, exhaust, cooling, interior. There’s practically no NVH materials in it. Weight has come down from 627kg to 550kg. So no power steering needed to turn the…

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comic stripped

Lotus Evora Sport 410 £82,000 I’m sure my English teacher once told me it’s poor form to bosh out a list early on in a piece of written work, but hopefully Mr Lennie will allow me this one. The Evora’s had some mega attention to detail lavished on it. Beautiful herringbone weave carbon fbre drops 12kg from the rear deck, 2kg of the roof, 2kg of the front access panel, and so on. Stickers replace badges. The rear windows are now made of carbon. Take it from me, you won’t relish reverse-parking a 410 outside Harrods. The glass partition between engine room and humans is now one pane thick, not two. Saves weight, and halves the insulation from the stupendous-sounding 3.5-litre supercharged V6, now developing 416bhp, up from 400 in the boggo Evora.…