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073 Secondhand superheroes As 2018 begins to spool up, our collective appetites have been spiked by the promise of 12 months punctuated by stunning and varied automotive wonders – including the Aston Martin Valkyrie, new Ford Fiesta ST, Porsche Mission E and Jaguar I-Pace. Yes, the start of the year is an excellent time to dream a little. While new cars are the lifeblood of our shared interest, they tend to be tough to describe as a bargain. This month, we help to lift the ongoing pre-Brexit blues by offering the TopGear guide to buying secondhand, brought to you with the help of ‘Honest’ Harris. Few early conversations about an issue have elicited such an animated response from the team as our first discussions about the cars we’d buy if we had the…

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back series 25 to work

TopGear telly is back! The world’s biggest motoring show returns to your screens this February with an all-new six-part series, starring Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, Rory Reid and a veritable cornucopia of motor vehicles new and old. There will be speed. There will be noise. There will probably be several occurrences of driving into things that shouldn’t be driven into. Since we were last on your screens, the motoring landscape has entered a state of flux. The UK government has signed the death warrant for the internal combustion engine, self-driving technology is on the rise, our roads are under closer surveillance than ever before. What the world needs is a voice of automotive sanity. Some wisdom amid the chaos. Series 25, therefore, sees Matt, Chris and Rory, um, entirely ignoring all…

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1 the v8 engine is definitely not dead yet

The V8 engine. In the modern world of gastric-band-spec emissions regulations, the favourite of petrolheads worldwide should be a relic. Deceased. An ex-engine. But it isn’t. Because, gloriously, the V8 keeps evolving. Developing. Moving with the times. So with 2018 marking, as you’ll all know, the 116th anniversary of the most enduring sports car engine of them all, it seemed the perfect time for a little celebration. So Matt, Chris and Rory each chose their ultimate all-round V8 sports car, and headed to Utah’s Wild West for a series of challenges. Rory arrived in a Jaguar F-Type SVR, while Chris went practical in the shape of the McLaren 570GT. Which is a practical, spacious GT car in very much the same way a pair of rollerblades is a practical, spacious GT…

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2 harris hearts the 2cv

PUB AMMO Hybrids? EVs? Who needs them? The 2CV had fuel economy cracked decades ago with early cars returning 95mpg. The fact it takes the best part of a week to travel 95 miles is beside the point. You’ll know Chris Harris. Small, shouty chap, very much enamoured with oversteery supercars and sticky-tyred racecars. But it turns out our man Harris, as well as being rather a fan of cars with four-figure horsepower outputs, also has a soft spot for the oldest and Frenchiest of old French cars: the Citroen 2CV. To explain exactly why the car the French call “le 2CV” is such a masterpiece, Harris headed to rural France to relate its glorious history, a swashbuckling tale of derring-do and Nazis, and the smoking of a vast number of Gitanes.…

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3 if you want to go faster, you need a sabine schmitz

The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE. A muscle car so extreme that it’s actually been banned in Europe. So Rory Reid, always prepared to put his own life on the line in the name of consumer research (and skidding around in muscle cars), was on the first plane to America to discover whether a European could indeed drive the 650bhp Camaro without instantly bursting into flames or being chopped into a thousand wafer-thin slices. Luckily for Rory, it transpired the ZL1 1LE was non-toxic to European drivers. And, as he discovered at Willow Springs racetrack, really rather good fun to drive on a big fast racetrack like “Big” Willow. So, inevitably, the producers – never keen to allow anyone to have too much fun without stepping in to spoil things – ordered…

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4 britain’s roads need speeding up, and tg is the telly programme to do it

TopGear TV, as you know, is always on the lookout for ways to improve the lives of British motorists. And heavy machinery enthusiast Matt LeBlanc reckoned he’d spotted a problem ripe for improvifcation. The tractor. Now, MLB’s a big fan of tractors when they’re doing their tractoring thing on the farm. In fact, he owns a whole load of them. The problem, as he saw it, comes when tractors leave the farm, and join the public highway. Yes, the tractor is holding up Britain’s motorists, and TopGear needed to do something about it. Now, the sensible policy solution to this issue would be to, say, ban tractors from the public highway during rush hour. But Matt had a far more exciting solution to the problem of slow tractors. Involving the TopGear…