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When I was growing up (a long time ago, back in the days when TV had four channels and driver aids consisted of a travel sweet and a road map), the forecast for ice or, even worse, snow on the roads would cause much muttering from my dad and complete fear from my mother. At the same time, it would cause mild optimism in the young me about a day at home because the journey to school would almost certainly result in a shunt. The following morning, after a good 20 minutes of swearing had managed to defrost the Rover Vitesse, Dad would slither his way off up the road to do “business” having helpfully reminded Mum that injudicious application of the brake pedal would result in certain death. It was…

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1 steve mcqueen’s bullitt mustang lives on

THINGS WE’VE LEARNT THIS MONTH If this limited-edition Ford Mustang Bullitt hasn’t immediately topped your must-buy-for-2018 list, you may need to check your vitals. A surprise reveal ahead of the Detroit motor show, the new Bullitt is a special edition that marks 50 years since Steve McQueen fred up his gorgeous, Highland Green Stang and decided to lay down one of the best movie chases the world has ever seen across San Francisco in 1968’s Bullitt. “It’s my favourite Mustang,” explains the Stang’s chief designer, Darrell Behmer. “Devoid of stripes, spoilers and badges. It doesn’t need to scream about anything, it’s just cool.” And that, it most certainly is. We start with the classic 1968 Bullitt Mustang’s exterior hue being deployed to excellent effect here – Dark Highland Green – but it’s…

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meet molly mcqueen

How did this all come about? Ford wanted a third-generation McQueen to introduce the third-gen Bullitt Mustang. I’m only the eighth person to sit in the original car, I think. It smells like… history, like a car should smell. What was it like growing up knowing you had the coolest grandfather in the world? I don’t want to sound jaded but I grew up in LA, among lots of celebrities, so my grandpa was always just… my grandpa. There were lots of stories about him, like most people have about their grandparents, but they were really cool stories, y’know. Was there cool memorabilia around the house? Oh yeah. There was an old Bullitt script in a drawer, covered in Steve’s hand-written annotations, with line after line of dialogue crossed out. Which is something most actors…

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2 you can now purchase a brand new jaguar d-type

This is the brand new Jaguar D-type. No, really. This Longnose-spec racer is the engineering prototype for a box-fresh run of 25 more D-types. Why? Well, because it’s excellent business and because it’s the completion of a story that started more than 60 years ago. The original D-type was a fabulously successful (not to mention exquisitely beautiful) racing car based on the earlier C-type but with low-drag aerodynamics (for the age) specifcally aimed at Le Mans success. That box was mightily ticked with a triplet of 24 Heures du Mans victories in 1955, 1956 and 1957. However, while Jaguar originally intended to produce 100 D-types, only 75 were completed before the car became uncompetitive. So, following in the sold-out tyre tracks of the six Lightweight E-type and nine XKSS recreations, Jaguar Classic…

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3 what dany bahar did next

“The real value here is to make the customer happy. It's not a rational investment, it’s an emotional one.” Dany Bahar is a survivor. He’s also someone with an amazing ability to gather top-tier talent around him when a business idea strikes. The former Red Bull and Ferrari marketing man, who later and controversially gambled on a massive expansion plan as CEO of Lotus, has just formally opened his next project: Ares Design, a contemporary carrozzeria/coachbuilder based in the heart of Italy’s motorsport valley in Modena. For anyone who still doubts Bahar’s motivations, Ares Design’s HQ is a pretty effective means of shutting down the naysayers. Housed in an 18,000m2 former Fiat and Alfa Romeo dealership, Bahar and his principal partner in the business, Waleed Al Ghafari – a telecoms entrepreneur who…

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4 luxury mercs, now available in small

So, the new A-Class – Merc’s biggest seller in the UK, and the smallest Mercedes that isn’t technically a Smart. Only now it’s bigger than ever: 30mm longer, with a 14mm wider front track, more shoulder-, head- and elbow-room and a more voluminous, more easily accessible boot than the car it replaces. Good news, we’re sure you’ll agree. But there is better, more interesting news elsewhere… News, for example, of the all new MBUX infotainment system, which employs machine learning to “adapt to suit the user” and “create an emotional connection between the vehicle, driver and passengers”. So, for example, if you regularly switch to Radio 4 at 6pm for the news, the car will remember this and remind you. Like the S- and E-Class, the A’s swish interior is dominated by…