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I’m writing this from the centre of the 88th Geneva motor show, as the double-storey LED walls and pumping soundtracks compete to grab the attention of the world’s media bustling around me. Geneva has always been the show for the global automotive industry, but as I sit here bombarded by corporate messages and enduring the occasional clout on the head from a selfie-stick-wielding ‘influencer’, one thing is clear: the automotive industry is at a crossroads. Never in the 88-year history of the Geneva show has there been such a clear divergence in the automotive landscape, as manufacturers all push to claim the EV future, while simultaneously trying to cater for their current client base. The good news for those of us who love cars, is that this uncertain, challenging and competitive…

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1 lagonda is back to take on rolls… and it’s as divisive as ever

THINGS WE’VE LEARNT THIS MONTH When is an Aston Martin not an Aston Martin? When it’s a Lagonda. And especially when it’s… this. The Vision Concept. The nameplate actually pre-dates Aston Martin: an Anglo-American former opera singer called Wilbur Gunn founded the company in 1909, named it after the river near his Ohio home town, and created a number of stoic-looking saloons and convertibles before the company was acquired post-war by David Brown. He’d also just bought Aston Martin, and they merged. Progress was patchy thereafter. Aston’s current vice president Simon Sproule, a former Nissan VP who had a spell as a lieutenant to rocketeer and sometime electric car sage Elon Musk, thus refers to Lagonda as “a 110-year old start-up”. Cute. TG has been granted exclusive access to the AML design studio…

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aston valykrie amr pro

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Aston.Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro. An extreme track-only version of the most extreme Aston ever built. It houses a naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12, with an Energy Recovery System, that comfortably exceeds 1,100bhp. Aston has pegged the kerbweight to just 1,000kg, while maximum downforce is well over 1,000kg. You do the maths. Even in the ‘high-downforce’ configuration, it can hit 225mph, and pull lateral acceleration of more than 3g. It also gets wider bodywork, huge front and rear wing elements and a revised aero control strategy. There are no infotainment screens. There is, however, a lighter exhaust system that should provide plenty of infotainment. Adrian Newey - Red Bull FTs CTO - had this to say: “The Aston Martin Valkyrie road car draws extensively from the knowledge I have…

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2 new porsche 911 gt3 rs has got its stickers back

As you can see, it’s very much a soft facelift to see the RS out until the brand-brand new 911 comes along later this year. Considering the old car was staring down the barrel of perfection, it’s not like much needed to be done anyway. Still, Porsche’s motorsport arm has squeezed the engine just that little bit more. Power from the sensational 4.0-litre, nat-asp flat-six engine is now up from 492bhp to 520bhp, and is only available with a seven-speed PDK. A tenth has been shaved off the 0–62mph time – now 3.2secs – though the top speed stays at 193mph. There’s a new bumper and a few aero tweaks to aid grip, which – considering the old one had 80 per cent of the downforce of a GT3 Cup racing car…

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4 cupra is going it alone

This is the Cupra Ateca, the first buyable offering from Seat’s newly independent special branch. Whatever it’s called, what we have here is a scorchio version of Seat’s big-selling crossover. You might have hoped that Cupra’s first solo effort would be a wingy Leon. But no. Even Cupra can’t resist a crossover. Still, like the fastest Leon, it has a 2.0-litre turbo with 296bhp and 295lb ft, which, along with a 7spd twin-clutch ’box and 4WD, means 0–62mph in 5.4secs and a top of 152mph. It also gets adaptive suspension, a louder exhaust and optional four-piston Brembo brakes. In other words, real hot hatch performance in a family-friendly, SUV-type package for about £35k. Maybe they’re onto something here: it’s hard to think of direct rivals, apart from the Audi SQ5 and Porsche…

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5 the rr sv coupe will cost an arm. and a leg

The original Range Rover is Genesis when it comes to posh-roaders, and in the beginning it was only a two-door, a car that’s since become a bit of a classic. It’s moved on a lot in the five decades since, shifting upmarket in recent years to outfox the amount of rivals its success encouraged. Yet Bentley, Lamborghini and now Rolls-Royce are only too happy to give it a hard time further up the food chain. Be under no illusion they’re all rivals, something Land Rover acknowledges with this recreation of the two-door Range Rover, the SV Coupe, which launches with a £240,000 price tag. Before options. Nigh on every one of its 999 buyers will make theirs bespoke to their own tastes, adding as much as £100,000 again. This could be…