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We will see more change in the next five years than we’ve seen in the last 50.” This statement by GM CEO Mary Barra has become the mantra for the current [sorry] pace of change of the automotive industry. While there have been milestone moments, for the most part, the journey of the automobile has been one of steady evolution, not revolution. But the rise of the EVs has turned the industry on its head, and this new car landscape is incredibly complex to navigate and often creates more questions than answers. Questions like… where’s all the electricity going to come from? What happens when the batteries need recycling? Will internal combustion engines be banned, and what happens to all the classics? What happens if I run out of charge? Is it…

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1 bollinger is bringing old-school utility to the future

Hobart, NY is just the sort of place you could do with an all-electric, no-compromise off-roader. Something to navigate the gnarly, snow-covered hills in, enough juice to reach Manhattan – 150 miles south – to blow of some steam, and no pulsating V8 to disrupt the peace. No coincidence this is the home of Bollinger Motors, maker of the B1, the world’s most rugged, aerophobic, all-electric SUV. SUT, to be precise. Robert Bollinger, the boss, likes to call it a Sports Utility Truck. I’m standing in front of the first and only prototype in existence, jacked up in the small workshop where it was built, and there’s definitely a military chunkiness to it. Next door, through the glass partition, is an office occupied by Robert and three of his trusted engineers.…

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2 tesla model 3 wants to fight the bmw m3

Bypassing the traditional press release and champagne-soaked reveal party, Tesla boss Elon Musk took to Twitter, not to wind up the internet for a change, but to tweet specs for new all-wheel-drive, dual-motor versions of the Model 3. The fast ones. The standard all-wheel-drive option, he says, adds $5,000 to the price of a regular Model 3 (it’s $44,000 for the regular long-range version). It manages the same 310 miles of range and 140mph top speed of a long-range Model 3, but drops the 0–60mph time from 5.1 to 4.5 seconds. The standard car (that’s the $35,000 entry-level one) with its 220-mile range, does it in 5.6 seconds. A range-topping ‘Performance’ dual-motor version Musk claims has “better handling” than a BMW M3, will “beat anything in its class on track” and has…

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3 aston martin will launch a lagonda suv in 2021

Aston Martin’s ultra-luxury, Rolls-Royce-baiting offshoot, Lagonda, has confirmed it’ll unveil an all-electric battery-powered SUV by 2021… and given us this teaser sketch to enjoy. The design will be an evolution of the Lagonda Vision concept we gawped over at the 2018 Geneva motor show. The last time the Lagonda name appeared on an SUV concept, in 2009, the car was powered by a 6.0-litre V12 and looked like the lovechild of a whale shark and a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Already this looks like a commendable improvement.…

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4 audi q8 joins the coupe/suv party

It was only a matter of time before Audi decided it wanted a piece of the fantastically pointless coupe-slash-SUV pie and, like BMW and Mercedes-Benz before it, resolved to give us a car that would combine the best (or worst) bits of coupe and SUV. Traditionally, these things aren’t, as their manufacturers would claim, the best of both worlds. Not in our experience, anyway. They’re not as elegant or good to drive as a conventional saloon or coupe, or as useful and good of-road as a proper SUV, yet somehow command higher RRPs than either of them. Because that is apparently what the people want. But, with any luck, the Q8 – a car that, you guessed it, “combines the elegance of a four-door luxury coupe and the convenient versatility of…

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5 bmw can’t stop fiddling with its m cars

This is the new BMW M5 Competition. It’s a bit more powerful, a touch stiffer and a bit more assertively styled than the standard M5. A car not known for lacking power, stiffness or assertion… Its 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 is up 24bhp, taking it to 616bhp. Which is more than the Merc-AMG E63S. While torque is unchanged – at 553lb ft – it’s available over a slightly wider rev range, slicing the 0–62mph by 0.1sec, to 3.3secs. The Competition sits 7mm lower with 10 per cent stiffer suspension, while the front wheels are more heavily cambered and the engine mounts are more rigid. You also get a louder M Sport exhaust system, but the fundamental stuff – the M5’s eight-speed automatic gearbox and four-wheel-drive system, with switchable rear-drive mode – remain unchanged. Prices…