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Ask people about their first car memory, and you tend to get a rose-tinted recollection of an early life spent in the back of the family car. If you’re from my generation, the passing of time will have chosen to redact the added frisson of parental map-reading responsibility due to lack of satnav (inevitable argument), velour seating (seriously, who thought that was a suitable fabric?) and a total lack of aircon. It was miserable, and normally lacking in excitement, but somehow the petrolhead mindset is pre-conditioned to remember it fondly. With the reality being such a passive, remote and uncomfortable existence, cars came to life on our TV screens and in the movies we watched. I still remember being glued to the screen when the General Lee kicked up red dust…

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1 this is the best $1.8m you’ll ever spend

Rob Dickinson, former musician and genius behind Singer Vehicle Design, is walking towards me in an enormous, empty warehouse, sparking a fag. He’s wearing khaki shorts and cap, a wrinkled white T-shirt and dog-eared trainers. He stretches out his right hand, we exchange pleasantries, then it’s straight to it, discussing the car that he’s been obsessing over for the last four years, and the passion starts flowing out of him. We’ve managed to intercept both Rob and the first example of his most ambitious project to date, on their way to Goodwood. The car you’re currently gawping at is the product of a collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering to develop the ultimate, no-expense-spared, air-cooled 911 – resulting from the duo’s snappily named Dynamics and Lightweighting Study. Renderings were released months ago,…

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2 bugatti is building a new €5m hypercar

There is a new Bugatti on the horizon… prepare yourselves for the upcoming Bugatti Divo: a limited-edition hypercar with a very specific focus. Corners. Yep, the Divo pays homage to Albert Divo; the driver who, in the Twenties, twice won the Targo Florio for Bugatti. To honour his feats on that mountain course, Bugatti’s Divo has lasered in on driving dynamics. We’re told the car – using the Chiron’s chassis and 1,479bhp powertrain – will “be light and nimble and will boast enormous downforce”. Bug promises “outstanding” handling properties. Though the powertrain is established, the bodywork will be new, harking back to Bugatti’s coachbuilding heritage. Indeed, Bugatti reminds us that in its early days, it regularly housed existing chassis in new bodies designed in-house under Jean Bugatti’s tenure. The Divo will be revealed on…

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3 audi’s £176k r8 special has an exceedingly long name

Meet the Audi R8 V10 Plus Audi Sport Performance Parts R8 Edition… of which a mere five will come to the UK. The 602bhp 5.2-litre V10 and quattro all-wheel drive remain, but a new carbon-reinforced aero package brings a significant increase in downforce. Nearly 50 per cent more at 205mph. There’s also lighter 20in wheels, Cup 2 tyres and ceramic brakes. Which helps justify its £176,560 price. You get rarity, of course; those five UK cars are part of a 44-car worldwide run, all of which come in Misano Red.…

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4 ds design is a bit wonky

DS – Citroen’s posh sister brand – has dusted off its crystal ball and come up with something electrically driven and, supposedly, fully autonomous. It also looks totally insane, thanks mostly to its wonky face. DS prefers to call it asymmetrical, and the idea is this: in a world where fully autonomous cars exist, we won’t suddenly lose our driving libidos. Hence one side is a roofless, focused cockpit containing space for the driver and a steering wheel. On the other side is your “soothing cocoon”, a wider, covered compartment where you can relax and let the computers take the strain. The chassis is bespoke, but the powertrain is lifted from the 2018 Formula E car and flipped. The batteries are at the back, the motors and gearbox are at the front,…

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5 lambo sets a new ’ring record

Time for a fanfare. The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ has announced its arrival by becoming the fastest production car ever around the Nordschleife: 6m44.97s, almost 15secs faster than the plain-jane Aventador SV. We still don’t know exactly what it looks like, because Lambo isn’t revealing what’s beneath the origami-offcuts disguise until the end of August. Presumably some sort of origami-offcuts bodywork. There will be slats. But we do now know its vitals. And we have driven it. The very car that set the lap record. The Jota badge is saved for the most extreme Lambos, so much so it’s only been worn twice previously, by a Miura in 1970 and a Diablo in 1993. For the Aventador, Lambo took an SV, applied the learning of the Huracán Performante (ALA adaptive aero, four-wheel…