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For 25 years, 313 issues, hundreds of thousands of pages featuring over three million images and nearly a billion words,* TopGear magazine has strived to deliver the most diverse, entertaining and exclusive access to the automotive world. A promise that I hope you’ll agree this, our 25th anniversary special issue, delivers on. Our birthday celebration starts with our exclusive access to the Bugatti Divo on page 84, a €5m piece of money-no-object automotive excess. For us mere mortals, the financial metrics of cars like this are hard to compute, especially when you add into the equation the prerequisite to be a Chiron owner to even be considered worthy of entry to this exclusive club. What is easier to understand is the thinking behind its creation. Limited to 40 cars and sold…

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1 audi isn’t giving up on super-evs

“If at first you don’t succeed, stop thinking logically and draw something so white-hot radical it burns a hole straight through the middle of the drawing board and lands, still smouldering, on the floor.” It’s not official, but we can assume that’s the brief at Audi’s ‘Design Loft’ in Malibu, California, which has dreamt up this electric hyper-estate inspired by Audi’s dominant decade in Le Mans racing. This 23rd-century rollerskate is the Audi PB18 e-tron. Ignore the underwhelming name with initials referring to the car’s unveiling at the Pebble Beach festival of brightly dyed corduroy and champagne pricier than liquid platinum. Concentrate instead on details like a low, mid-mounted 95kWh solid-state battery, capable of accepting a 310-mile charge in 15 minutes, thanks to 800-volt charging. Or, if you’re less stung by…

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2 the aventador svj is peak lambo

This is the new Aventador SVJ, the most extreme version of Lambo’s big-boy supercar yet. It’s a car we already know to some degree, having already driven a prototype (TG 312, and on TopGear.com) and seen it demolish the Nürburgring production-car lap record. This, though, is our first glimpse of the SVJ without any confuddling camouflage. And doesn’t it look punchy? Lamborghini has tacitly admitted that it draws on “every inspiration from a space ship to a jet fighter”, citing them as “the most exceptional examples of super-fast, super-athletic, aerodynamic superiority”. Has Lambo relocated its design office to Area 51? We missed the memo… As is the way, much of its design has been led by aerodynamics, with a new version of Lambo’s ALA active aero tech. As a result, the SVJ…

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3 pinin’ pf0 wants in on hypercar wars

Heritage. Pininfarina has it in spades, which makes its newest venture – a separate carmaking entity called Automobili Pininfarina – something exciting to behold. Mainly as it’s planning an electric hypercar that’ll see the scary side of 250mph. Welcome to the PF0. Or at least the back of it. Underneath a full carbon-fibre body sits a powertrain capable of 0–62mph in less than two secs, 0–186mph in less than 12, and that scary top speed. AP reckons on 310 miles of range, less so if perchance you fall upon an empty autobahn… AP is looking to a 2020 launch date for the PF0; the year Pininfarina celebrates its 90th anniversary. No more than 90 are expected to be built, each costing in the region of £1.7m each. “Pininfarina’s design values of elegance and…

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4 bmw in sharp-handling 3-series shock

Yes, we’ve bagged a drive in the next BMW 3-Series before it’s been properly unveiled to the public – that’s due in October. The camouflage isn’t really fooling anyone, though – it’s fairly obvious this is a new BMW saloon car, albeit wider and longer than the car it replaces. Even so, BMW’s claiming weight savings of around 55kg. The key gain is the track width, which has grown by 30mm, the centre of gravity also lowering by 10mm. The goal here, clearly, is for BMW to reassert its best-selling model as the driver’s choice among the junior exec gang. Its new CLAR (Cluster Architecture rear-drive platform) is 50 per cent stiffer than that of the outgoing car. BMW has also invested heavily in some trick dampers with hydraulic bump stops, too,…

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5 the db5 from goldfinger is back… with actual gadgets

Aston has announced a run of 25 brand-new DB5s, modelled after one of the world’s most famous movie cars: the Goldfinger DB5. Just like the DB4 GT Continuation models we saw at the end of 2016, Aston is building 25 brand-new Aston Martin DB5s, built as “authentic reproductions” of the exact car that Connery, Brosnan and Craig all drove in various screen outings. By authentic, Aston mean things like revolving numberplates “and more”. We suspect the ejector seats and oil spray won’t make the cut, though we live in hope.…