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Welcome to Speed Week 2018, our annual celebration of the greatest performance cars of the year. With an eye-watering total value of £4,052,991 and a combined 48,312cc of displacement delivering a total output of 7,640bhp to 36 driven wheels, our 14 contenders represent the most competitive group we have ever assembled for our annual festival of fast and are a testament to the diversity of performance cars the automotive world has delivered in the past 12 months. They range from the sublime in the form of the £2.5m Bugatti Chiron (there on ambassadorial duties in its home nation as our, erm, pace car) to the controversial but ridiculously capable 641bhp Lamborghini Urus and everything else in between. But such is the breadth of the field this year and the diversity of…

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1 the ferrari monza is quite mad

You don’t have to wear a helmet to drive Ferrari’s new Monza SP1 or SP2. We would, though, unless you enjoy the very specific sort of pain which can only be inflicted by a pigeon to the face. Maranello will build “less than 500” examples of this latest limited-edition. Yep – despite appearances, this is not some hyper-exclusive ten-off. A few might even get driven on a somewhat regular basis. Wouldn’t that be a thing? Why give us this news now, and not at a motor show? Because the SP is the first in Ferrari’s ‘Icona’ series of cars, and that’s a big deal and worthy of its own news cycle. Sitting above the sports (488), GT (GTC4 Lusso) and ‘Special Series’ (488 Pista) models in its line-up, these cars will be…

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2 aston may have a hypercar addiction

Not content with the ballistic Valkyrie and track-only Valkyrie AMR Pro, Aston has confirmed a third hypercar for late 2021, limited to 500 coupes and codenamed Project 003. All we have to go on so far is the sketch above and the fact that it will share DNA and tech with the Valkyrie, but be powered by a different turbo-petrol-electric hybrid engine. More importantly, it’s being “engineered to offer more practical concessions to road use, including space for luggage.” We wouldn’t sell the family estate just yet, but Aston, consider our interest piqued.…

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3 the ds 3 crossback features a lot of design

The new DS 3 Crossback tips its hat at the design of the DS 3 supermini, the brand’s first car and still its fastest seller. Spot the shark-fin B-post, the contrast roof, plus the brandtastic grille and upright running LEDs. The big news? In six months there’ll be a 136bhp full electric E-Tense version with a 186-mile range. Too brave? Normal petrol and diesel engines are on the initial menu. Inside you’ve got a double-screen layout, a head-up display and, bien sûr, a superabundance of diamond motifs in the instrument graphics, switchgear and stitching.…

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4 bmw inext is not pretty, but it is smart

The iNext is the autonomous, electric BMW crossover for the road ahead. The production version, BMW says, will happen in 2021. At the front, the double-kidney grille is enormous, and its two halves are joined together. So, not a double kidney… and not actually a grille – it’s a smooth panel. There are two modes. Ease is the autonomous one. The steering wheel and pedals retract, but switch to Boost mode and they come back out. The electric drive serves up a range of 400-odd miles, although the human, having more fun, would probably go less far. The iNext won’t be the first electric BMW crossover. There’s an electric X3 at the end of 2019. There’s also a low-slung saloon, the i4 (think, if you will, Tesla Model 3) that arrives in…

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5 building guns and cars is basically the same…

If you can make an AK-47 assault rifle, you can build a car, right? So goes the thinking at Kalashnikov who’ve made this, the CV-1 concept. It touts a 90kWh battery pack, transmitted into motive force via a ‘revolutionary inverter’. And believe us, ‘revolutionary’ isn’t a term just thrown around in Russia. So, despite looking like a razor crossed with a Lada, the CV-1 will sprint to 62mph in about six and cruise for more than 200 miles. It’s based on the IZH-2125 Kombi, which is definitely a car we’ve heard of before.…