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The influence of the family car is all too easily underestimated, but its effect on our collective psyche is fundamental. For most of us, early forays in the family wagon kickstarted our love of cars. My addiction was fuelled by a combination of time spent in a Saab 99 Turbo (I was fixated by the boost gauge), a Renault 5 Gordini (mostly at the side of the motorway), a Ford Sierra XR4x4 (my job was to start it, wait for the LED to stop flashing indicating the ABS was functioning, then go get Dad) and a Renault 5 Turbo that I used to thrash up and down a disused airfield when I was 14… doing my best to avoid the lorry traffic filing to and from the industrial estate my…

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DIFFERENT BY DESIGN Chronographs have a legendary status in the horological world - from racing iconic cars, to scaling the highest peaks and most famously landing on the moon, it’s a watch built for adventure. The new Mechanical Chronograph collection has been developed with the Swiss Made ETA 2894-2 Elaboré movement at its heart, to produce a refined and shallow-profiled 39mm case. Our watches are inspired by the halcyon era of watchmaking, when interesting colours and contrasting textures were combined with the very best craftsmanship. Each of the dials is rich in three-dimensional detailing to accentuate the Farer design aesthetic, whilst the use of unique colour combinations create a bold and contemporary statement. FARER.COM…

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1 new focus st gets all manner of toys

Believe it or not, this is the fourth generation of Ford Focus ST. Rivals with that sort of lineage were inducted into the hot hatchback hall of fame long ago, and yet it’s safe to say the ST’s still a long way from icon status. There are several plausible reasons why; every generation has had a burlier RS brother muscling its way into the limelight, alongside which the ST can only ever feel somewhat tame. Especially when it’s been offered in both estate and diesel versions. The glamour fades when your performance car can also play the role of a minicab. The smaller Fiesta ST is a real star, though, and perhaps in the hope some of its magic might rub off on its bigger brother, Ford has seemingly used the same…

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2 valet parking robots are ready to serve

No matter how well you think you can park, Stan can do it better. Don’t feel too disheartened, though – he doesn’t need to open the doors once stationary, meaning he can stack cars as close as possible to each other. Stan isn’t some ghostly valet from a budget American horror film, but a small forklift-style robot with an oddly captivating pair of blue eyes that will literally pick your car up and drop it into an ultra-tight space without even needing to see your keys. Created by Stanley Robotics and set to be trialled at Gatwick Airport in August this year, the little droid will then use your flight numbers to ensure that your car is ready and waiting back at the drop-off/pick-up area on your return from holiday. The system and…

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3 there will be no bugatti suv, but there will be special editions

“Speculation is rife, and the time appears to be appropriate – there will be no SUV from Bugatti”. That’s Stephan Winkelmann confirming in a recent press release what we’d all secretly been hoping. However, no SUV doesn’t mean no more Bugattis. Following the €5m Divo, there are rumours of another rebodied Chiron, soon, and plenty of special editions. This is the Chiron Sport ‘110 ans Bugatti’, limited to 20 cars, finished in matt Steel Blue and decorated in French flags to honour the company’s first model – the Type 10.…

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4 the all-new clio looks familiar…

Here’s the outside of the new Renault Clio. It’s, erm, well, it’s pretty similar to the old Clio, really. Nothing wrong with that, says Renault, because the last Clio was the best-selling car in all of Europe in this hotly fought sector. This new one is 14mm shorter and 30mm lower than before, but that its chassis unlocks more space inside. You can daub its body in 10 different colours (but not all on one car). All-LED headlights are standard. Not a single panel is shared with its predecessor, incredibly. Inside, there is a 9.3in curved multimedia tablet, and a Renault attached to it. Look at that tablet! It’s massive! We’re told it is inspired by the one on the Espace, that it “visually enlarges the dashboard”, and is subtly tilted towards…