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Editor-in-chief @TopGearEditor editor@bbctopgearmagazine.com There’s something in the risotto at Maranello. The Ferrari launch schedule used to be beautifully predictable: front-engined V12 pinnacle of the range arriving every five or so years, purposely two or three years out of sync with a new mid-engined V8 sports car, and all interspersed with a faster, more focused iteration of the V12, spider version of the V8 and then a run-out special in the form of the Scuderia, Stradale or Pista. Add in a few limited-series cars, some two-plus-twos and you had a healthy dollop of new prancing horse content to pore over at regular intervals. But this year, Ferrari has thrown its rulebook out of the window and set out on a product offensive. At the Geneva motor show, Ferrari took the wraps off the F8 Tributo.…

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on air

Seven months after being revealed as your new TGTV presenters, and fresh from their first studio recording, we catch up with Paddy, Freddie and Chris to talk about the new series, road snacks and why Freddie barrel-rolling a hearse was really all Chris’s fault… TG: So, first studio done. How are you finding it? PM: It’s amazing. Talking to Chris about how it’s been in the past, we’re obviously bringing a different dynamic, but the response when we walked into the studio was fantastic. The reaction when we finished was even better, which is testament to what they saw. CH: Do you not think that they just wanted to get out? FF: Like Paddy says, the reactions were great. The nicest thing, though, is when the audience stood and watched the films, you could…

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Notwithstanding the whole ‘crumbling of the global political and social order’ thing, it’s a fine time to be alive. The weather is fine, the days are long, and TopGear is returning to your tellies with a shiny new presenter line-up. Yes, TGTV is back! Series 27 sees Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris tackling the fastest, hottest, toughest TopGear challenges to date: pushing their cars, and themselves, to the very limits of endurance. All because no one takes testing cars as seriously as TopGear. And also because they really should have checked the small print of their contracts more closely before signing. From the brutal heat of the Ethiopian desert to the sweltering Borneo rainforest, from the wilds of Iceland to, um, the pedestrianised shopping district of downtown Mansfield, TG is going…

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the second coming

Please sit down, and cease operating heavy machinery. You might shortly feel sensations of giddiness. Gordon Murray has released a sketch and details of his new supercar. He’s happy for it to be spoken of as the successor to the McLaren F1, three decades later. “We’ve been quietly working on the design of the car for 18 months and it’s now very well advanced. We’ve been speaking to potential customers and have had massive interest,” he says. Its codename is T50, continuing the successive type numbers of all his previous designs. It’ll be built, limited to 100 examples, by his new company, Gordon Murray Automotive. The plan is deliveries to start in 2022, at around £2.5 million a pop. The factory is in Surrey, and the engine and gearbox are British too. So…

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coffee break

Formula 1 2019: The Official Videogame Watched the trailer – not played it yet. As expected, the graphics are amazing, even better than C4’s coverage TG Biscuit World Cup Custard creams, Oreos and editor’s choice Choco Leibniz The National – I Am Easy to Find The all-mood-inspiring eighth album finally includes our favourite song about TV legend Rylan Clark-Neal Office playlist – Eighties Gloria Estefan’s rhythm is gonna get you… as it did us What We Do in the Shadows Kiwi funnymen Taika Waititi & Jemaine Clement make this hilarious mockumentary about the nightly goings-on of four vampire housemates. Also stars TG office hero Matt Berry. Catch it on iPlayer now…

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diary of a test driver

This week, I have been busy fine-tuning the Cheery Bong II’s on-the-limit handling. The aim? To make the Cheery Bong II nothing less than the best-handling North Korean supermini of its generation. As a test driver, you must dare to dream big. First up, the industry standard ‘elk test’: a rapid swerve between lanes, conventionally simulated on a runway using a dozen or so cones. However, with my paymasters at Rong Un Motors insisting cones are ‘a tool of capitalist subjugation’ and also ‘surprisingly expensive’, I was told to perform the elk test using a live elk, Onni. Now, if you have only seen a picture of an elk, you might think it cute and fluffy and harmless. It is not. The elk, I am sorry to report, is a large, pointy,…