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Editor-in-chief @TopGearEditor editor@bbctopgearmagazine.com Welcome to the TopGear 24hrs, our annual festival of fast, in which the year’s greatest performance cars battle it out to be crowned TG’s Performance Car of the Year. This year, we’re doing things differently. We’ve gathered the 15 most exciting cars of the year at Portimão’s stunning circuit and, with flagrant disregard for European working directives, driven day and night to sort the great from the good. The best aspect of TG24, is that, as the cars pour off the transporters and are positioned for the cover (something we do at the beginning, just in case), it gives you an audit of the performance-car spectrum. This year’s contenders offered a greater breadth of capability and contrasting approaches to going fast on four wheels than ever before, and it’s no surprise…

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a v12 without a roof

Ferrari couldn’t resist. It’s watched the likes of the Aston Martin DBS, Lamborghini Aventador and Bentley Continental GT running away with the ‘ultra-quick, mega-pricey suntanmobile’ market and decided enough is enough. The 812 Superfast has lost its top. This, at long, long last, is the open-top Ferrari 812 GTS. Big buttresses, aren’t they? The humped rear deck hides a folding hard-top roof that whirrs electrically away in 14 seconds at up to 28mph, exposing the 812 GTS’s two occupants to the unholy fury of one of Ferrari’s finest-ever engines. It’s a naturally aspirated, 6.5-litre V12, which can wake the dead from three counties away and then outrun the zombie hordes with a 789bhp, 530lb ft punch. It’s a monster. Ferrari has traditionally let its open-top V8 cars do the heavy lifting when…

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diary of a test driver

Just weeks before the launch of the Cheery Bong II, I am sad to report I’ve been relieved of my duties as lead test driver for Rong Un Motors. There were many reasons for this parting of ways. For me, it came down a difference in creative vision: my desire to make the Cheery Bong II the best-handling supermini on the market, against the Rong Un management team’s desire to ignore everything I suggested. For the Rong Un management – as they made clear in an extensive and, in my opinion, unnecessarily personal letter – it came down to the fact I’ve spent a year outlining their lax health-and-safety practice in a monthly column in TopGear magazine. Also the fact I attempted to claim $2,000 on pay-per-view adult movies as a…

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coffee break

What we’re watching/listening/doing, while we should be working Joker, out 4 October WE. CAN’T. WAIT. The origin story of the Joker. Joaquin Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck (Joker) in a standalone new film that we hope will be villainous, dark & Oscar-worthy Rugby World Cup 2019 “It’s coming home, it’s coming home, its coming, Football’s Rugby’s coming home” BEATstrumentals This playlist by Apple Music is mesmerising. 5hrs 40mins of chilled hip hop beats is precisely the same amount of time Ollie Kew talks about tread shuffle…Yawwwn Searching for sugar, man Office snacks… officially depleted. Autumn restock needed State of the Union BBC iPlayer 10 episodes – 10 minutes apiece, means you can binge on this comedy set at ‘predrinks’ just before a weekly marital therapy session. Heartfelt hilarity ensues. 10/10…

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the new luxury

This is the Mercedes-Benz EQS. Essentially, the fully electric S-Class of the future. Don’t believe us? Mercedes calls it “a trailblazer for the entire Mercedes-Benz EQ family,” meaning it does for Merc’s electric range what the S-Class has traditionally done for, well, almost the whole car industry. Given Jaguar’s making the next XJ electric, it’s also further proof that the luxury car market as a whole is going silent. And possibly self-driven. But while the EQS comes equipped with Level 3 autonomy, we’re assured it’ll still be a satisfying thing to drive. This isn’t Ludicrous Mode quick, but it’s ample. Peaks of 470bhp and 560lb ft are spread across both axles for torque-vectored AWD, and allow 0–62mph in 4.5secs. Mercedes claims a WLTP-tested range of over 400 miles and says the…

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full ’haus

Le Mans 2021 just got even more interesting. We’ve already heard Aston and Toyota say they’ll compete in the WEC’s new top-tier ‘hypercar’ class, and now Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus has thrown its hat in the ring too. SCG says it’ll field a pair of these SCG007s (no, this isn’t Bond’s next car) in the WEC, but also offer the car to privateer teams and build a “limited run of road-legal examples”. Power comes from a 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6 of so-far unspecified origin sending 641bhp to the rear tyres, while a KERS system will deal a further 148bhp to the front. SCG is the project of Jim Glickenhaus – friend of TopGear, collector of many interesting Ferraris (including the Modulo, which we’ve driven) and now, builder of his own hypercars and boss of…