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@TopGearEditor editor@bbctopgearmagazine.com It’s funny how a small detail on a car from our childhood can become our absolute focus. From the age of six, I was obsessed with the boost gauge on my dad’s Saab 99 Turbo. I could see it over his shoulder from the back seat as he piloted us around, and was captivated by it on every journey. The yellow needle’s arc through the orange band towards the red ‘danger’ zone was the first time I felt connected to the speed of progress and could gauge Dad’s commitment. I loved it. To be honest, not a lot happened initially, then just over midway through the orange zone, everything happened as the 99 shifted to what seemed like warp speed and Dad got busy trying to dampen the torque steer. My…

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the new normal

Progress in powertrain technology is a lot like London buses. Not painfully slow, often late and with a strong eau-du-vom, but tends to arrive in twos and threes. Of course, certain leaps in tech and off-the-shelf components will always unlock new applications at a point in time, but the fact that the first three hybrid hypercars – McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder and LaFerrari – all went into production within a few months of each other in 2013 still baffles me. As does BMW and Mercedes coming up with the idea for a switchable 4WD/RWD system for the latest M5 and E63 at precisely the same moment, or Gordon Murray and Aston Martin fancying a last hurrah, high revving, naturally aspirated V12 and asking Cosworth to do the honours… simultaneously. It…

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coffee break

The Last Dance, Netflix Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan plus mates Pippen and Rodman star in 10 episodes of slam-dunkin’ entertainment. Pull on your old red jersey, sit back and watch the best MJ from the Nineties. DO NOT follow with Space Jam Ride the alphabet Keeping fit during the lockdown took on another level for our Ollie M. Logistical nightmare but well worth it. Next, glyphs TopGear magazine fix You can download the latest edition and back issues direct to your phone or tablet from the App Store. Because when life gives you lemons… settle in and read TG Dress-up TG Fridays The first rule of TG Friday Club is: you must wear bottoms. The second rule of TG Friday Club is: you MUST wear bottoms, Jack! James Acaster’s Perfect Sounds, BBC Sounds Can he convince you, as…

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the peugeot 1007

There’s nothing more frustrating than a good idea badly executed. Actually, that’s not true. There are many things more frustrating than a good idea badly executed. Cancelled trains, for example. Or the futility of all human endeavour on this ultimately doomed planet. But yeah, good idea badly executed, that’s annoying too. Take the Peugeot 1007. The concept was sound: by replacing conventional doors with a pair of huge sliding panels, it promised to be a city car to unlock the tiniest of city parking spaces. And the 1007 – to be pronounced “one-thousand-and-seven” rather than “one double-oh-seven”, otherwise a lawyer from the Bond franchise would be round to box your ears – did indeed make it a cinch to get in or out without dinging a neighbouring car, even when parked in…

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block’s fox shocks

This, ladies and gents, is the Hoonifox. Utilising the largely unloved third-generation Mustang (1979–1993), it’s the latest FrankenFord from Ken and his drifty disciples at Hoonigan Racing. Set to be used in the 11th instalment of his Gymkhana series, Ken has enlisted the help of Ash Thorpe, the man behind the new Batmobile, to design the louvre-tastic beefcake. Inspired by Eighties motorsport and Ken’s very own ’65 Hoonicorn Mustang, its track has been pumped out for squat and boxy dimensions, while modern WRC-inspired overfenders have been bolted on to give it shoulder pads. As you can see, an IMSA-esque side exit exhaust sprouts out of the body, while an exaggerated wing hangs off the back like the party end of a mullet. Rad. What’s powering it? Good question. As the car currently…

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adrian hallmark

1 Do your customers still want thirsty petrol cars? Are the rich insulated from the climate emergency? “It’s fascinating. We had a customer dinner to launch the Bacalar. They were all passionate about their classics. But they are equally passionate that they want future cars to be environmentally and ethically sustainable, with a decarbonised powertrain. They will pay a premium for it in their daily driving car. We can get there first, as Bentley. VW Group research says 39 per cent of luxury buyers are actively looking for an electric vehicle.” 2 Aston says it’ll make 88 Speedsters, McLaren 250 Elvas, Ferrari 500 Monzas. Why only 12 Bacalars? “Although we did a nice car for the Queen in 2002, our history of coachbuilt cars is sporadic. We’re just amateurs at this. We don’t…