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Editor @jack_rix Can you form the same emotional bond you get from interacting with an interesting combustion engined car, with an electric one? We ask ourselves this at lot. Clearly, the homogenised whirrings of a permanent magnet synchronous motor are unlikely to twiddle your nibblets quite like the throb of a V8, but, as the Honda e I’ve taken custody of for the next few months keeps proving, there are other ways to make drivers feel the love. I shall call them the three Ds: design, distinctive handling and simply being different from all the cookie cutter white goods out there. We are living in extraordinary car times, a frantic transition period from petrol to electric (literally demonstrated by heavy, tax-dodging plug-in hybrids) that is bombarding us with choice, but also giving manufacturers…

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everyone’s talking about the italian stallion

Ten years after he memorably introduced five new Lotuses to the world in one greedy hit, Dany Bahar has slimmed down his ambitions. No longer the CEO of Norfolk’s premier carriage maker, he’s now based in Modena, Italy – the boss of his own company, Ares, an atelier building its reputation on bespoke one-offs and its Legends Reborn series (modern supercars reclothed in garb inspired by icons of the past). See his Panther ProgettoUno homage to the De Tomaso Pantera, it’s quite the thing. We caught up with Dany to discuss his latest project, the audacious piece of supercar design your eyes are currently scanning in disbelief. Called the Ares S Project, it’s a limited run supercar that doesn’t look to the past for ideas; it’s an object all of its…

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coffee break

Footie, footie, footie The Premier League starts again, boom! But without fans, boo! A big how do to Leeds who return to the top tier after 16 years away. The Fall, Netflix Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan star as detective superintendent and serial killer, respectively. It’s gripping, tense and a shedload better than The X Files. What? DM me. TopGear magazine fix You can download the latest edition and back issues direct to your phone or tablet from the App Store. Because when life gives you lemons… settle in and read TG TG base camp Team TG is prepping for a week of camping. Stay tuned for what will inevitably be 2020’s only festival line-up to include Alice Coupes Taylor Swift, Folklore Right. Don’t judge us. But… it’s a proper belter. If you don’t fall in love with ‘This…

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alfa romeo spider

Just look at it. Feast your hungry eyes upon its crisp, classical lines. The bejewelled headlights, the snub nose, the just-so proportions. And now imagine just how flaccidly the Alfa Spider must have driven to achieve the status of bona fide #fail. Imagining it? Not quite you’re not. Bit more, bit more, scooch to the left… there you go. Rubbish, it was. Call it an achievement of sorts: delivering a driving experience shonky enough to outweigh those considerable aesthetic charms. But the Spider managed it. Its chassis offered the structural rigidity of warm hummus, and more scuttle than a rat marathon. One can only assume Alfa spent the Spider’s entire development period lovingly finessing its bodywork, and got to the day before launch before someone quietly murmured, “Um, guys. Shouldn’t we…

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the people’s roller

Ah, we see that you passed the bank balance background check to gain access to this story. Only Rolls doesn’t want that image for this second-gen Ghost. It says the styling reflects a ‘post-opulent’ philosophy that ‘rejects superficial expressions of wealth’. Yep, this is what Rolls considers minimalist. There are 20 LEDs to light up that glorious grille though, plus a new illuminated fascia on the dashboard. It’s 30mm wider than the previous generation thanks to its new aluminium platform – the same one from the Phantom and the Cullinan. Minimalist, you say? The Ghost now gains AWD and all-wheel steering, as well as new ‘Planar’ suspension that incorporates an upper wishbone damper unit. There’s more tech to make things very comfortable too, including the ‘Flagbearer’ system that scans the road ahead…

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danny ric’s phone pics