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@jack_rix It won’t surprise you to learn that pulling together our world exclusive ‘holy trinity of speedsters’ test was not the work of a moment. After months of pitching, explaining, chasing, reassuring we still only had two out of the three cars on our hit list. So we decided to crack on anyway – a head-to-head instead of a three-way, with a Caterham thrown in to not-so-subtly show you can have the full flappy cheek experience for less. The call came late, about a week before the shoot. McLaren had found a prototype Elva down the back of a sofa and could get it to Scotland. Job done? Not quite. Sailing north to Fort William, through a nine-hour monsoon in an Octavia vRS, I had time to contemplate that the complete lack…

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the knowledge

Need-to-know nuggets of automotive news WILD THING R/C gods Tamiya are collaborating with The Little Car Company to launch a full-size Wild One MAX that real-life humans can actually drive. Eighties kids, it’s time to get excited. ID.4 GTX The Volkswagen ID.4 GTX is the first fast(ish) electric Volkswagen road car. The big news is the addition of a second e-motor for all-wheel drive and 295bhp. LOTUS E-MEER-A Lotus is building a brand new, old-fashioned sports car. Hurrah! It’ll take the name Emira and will be the firm’s last ever combustion-engined car. Sad times. FREE SPIRITUS Welcome to the Daymak Spiritus, a two-seat, three-wheel EV with scissor doors from the land of maple syrup and plaid shirts. Oh, and it’ll do 0–60mph in 1.8 seconds.…

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5 things you need to know about the… hyundai kona n

1 IT’LL TORQUE STEER Yep, Albert Biermann’s team has stuck with FWD for what is essentially a taller, slightly fatter i30N. The N Division considered 4WD, but only briefly, deeming the extra weight and complication unnecessary. You get the same LSD as in an i30N, so it should be a riot to drive. 2 IT CERTAINLY WON’T BE SLOW The jacked up i30N theme continues under the bonnet, with the hot hatch’s 276bhp 2.0-litre turbo four-pot making another appearance. That helps the Kona achieve a 150mph top speed via a 5.5-second 0–62mph sprint. It also gets N’s new eight-speed dual-clutch paddleshift gearbox as standard – you can’t have a manual Kona N. 3 THERE’S PROPER PERFORMANCE TECH The Kona N will offer a “Performance Driving Data System” that’ll monitor circuit driving so you can learn…

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flaw door

£125,010 FOR A luxury limo that corners like a true sports saloon AGAINST A luxury limo that rides like a true sports saloon Yep, turns out Maserati still makes the Quattroporte. No, us neither. It’s been in luxury barge purgatory for a while now: not as pretty as the old one, nor as boisterous thanks to a sales-chasing switch to downsized turbo and diesel engines which, like every Maser masterplan of the past 50 years, gloriously failed to overthrow the Germans. So, in a final thumb-to-middle-finger-waggling gesture of defiance before it has to settle down and go all-electric, the firm has taken a 3.8-litre, 572bhp twin-turbo V8 and shoved it everywhere it could find room. Now there’s a Levante Trofeo SUV, a Ghibli Trofeo supersaloon, and this Quattroporte Trofeo pursuit express. An Italian riposte…

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There was a time, under Aston’s previous stewardship, when the brand extensions were getting a bit loopy. Baseball hats and T-shirts… fine, but submarines and ‘luxury personal aircraft’ with the Aston wings slapped on? Back in your box. What about an Aston Martin with only two wheels? Acceptable, we reckon, especially when it’s a tie-up with 100-year-old bike making gods Brough Superior. Double especially when it looks good enough to hang on your living room wall and spend your evenings dribbling and staring. It’s called the AMB-001 and unfortunately it’s a track only machine, so you’ll have to stick it on a trailer if you want to pose outside your favourite biker cafe with a bandana dangling out of your back pocket. It also costs £95,000, which is a lot…

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retro gearknobs

1962 FERRARI 250 GTO The king of open gate manual gearboxes, featuring a simple metal knob and a click-clack sound to die for. Perfection 1964 GOLDFINGER DB5 The DB5’s little gearknob was already cool, but when Sean Connery flipped it upwards to reveal the ejector seat button it went stratospheric 1975 MKI VW GOLF GTI Do you reckon anyone at Volkswagen knew what an icon they were creating when they stuck a golf ball knob on the very first GTI? 2001 HONDA CIVIC TYPE R EP3 That plastic ribbing may not be the greatest looking material, but what a shifter this was. Proper touring car vibes 2003 PORSCHE CARRERA GT The Carrera GT’s standard gearknob was a beautiful birch and ash piece that paid homage to the balsa wood knob used in the 917…