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As a reader of this magazine, it’s fair to assume you (just like everyone in this office) will have spent a disproportionate amount of time finessing a dream garage in your head, defining those cars that would create your perfect collection, then tearing it all up and starting again. How many hours have we spent collectively kicking around different scenarios of “what ifs”? For some, the dream garage conversation is the starting point for a lifelong mission to turn a conversation into reality; for others, a good excuse to have another conversation about cars and dream a little bigger. And that’s the joy of the dream garage – it doesn’t actually have to be rooted in reality or constrained by your actual bank account. The possibilities and parameters are endless.…

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making it happen

Who: Christopher Rowles Where: Lincolnshire Our reprographics man is inspired by Pollock. Or something like that What: Beemers Where: Ardvreck Castle 2002 Turbo receives some jump-lead love from the support X3 Who: Pinocchio et al Where: Dunsfold Photographer Alex Howe mocks up the cover with some help from a few of his kids’ friends Who: Tom Ford Where: Cinema Vehicles, LA Wookie channels his inner CHiPs. Then goes off to eat some donuts Who: Rowan Horncastle Where: Paris motor show “I’ll take the photo when I’m good and ready. These Pokémon won’t catch themselves, you know” Who: Paul Horrell Where: Paris motor show Meerkat sighting reported at the Paris show. And a Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta Been up to anything picture worthy? Send your snaps to or via our Twitter or Facebook pages…

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sound bite

Audi R8 Spyder £129,990 approx. WE SAY: DROP-TOP AUDI R8 LOSES A LITTLE FOCUS, BUT EARS GAIN MUCH PLEASURE The noise. That’s what convertible supercars are all about, right? Because in all other areas they’re a compromise: slower, more expensive, not as sharp to drive. The all-new, second-generation Audi R8 Spyder – with its 197mph top speed and near-£130,000 pricetag, £11k more than a coupe – is at least two of those things. But naturally, with a large capacity V10 engine shorn of any turbochargers, it’ll fill your lugs with as much noise as they can bear when the roof is stowed. With the R8 (and its Lambo Huracán cousin) among a diminishing group of nat-asp supercars, it makes one of the greatest sounds in the business. Extend each gear to its red line and…

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french, not fancy

Citroen C3 Flair PureTech 110 £15,940 WE SAY: SMALL, FUNKY, FAMILY TRANSPORT. WITH AIRBUMPS! Riffing off the C4 Cactus? Yes, but it’s not so wilfully simple and lightweight. It has actual instruments with needles, and back windows that wind down. You can even spec it without airbumps if you’re so hidebound as to find them utilitarian-looking. What’s the spec? It’s a mainstream supermini in size, on the Peugeot 208 platform. So far so conventional. Yup, but it’s all about relaxing aesthetics and comfort. Not exciting me yet... Well, the springs aren’t taut nor is the steering full of feel. But it’s light on its feet and doesn’t get bump-steered. It feels small but not vulnerable. I tested the 1.2-litre 3cyl petrol, turbo’d to 110bhp and a very useful 151lb fit. It goes smartly in this lightweight car, burbling quietly away.…

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still top of the class?

Audi Q5 £44,500 approx. WE SAY: IT MIGHT NOT LOOK IT, BUT INGOLSTADT’S HIGH VOLUME SELLER IS ALL-NEW The Q5 is a big deal for Audi: since 2008, it has produced more than a million of these inofensive bread-andbutter mid-sized SUVs in Germany, topped up by another 600k made in China and India. That’s 1.6 million Q5s, making it the global best-seller in the segment, and Audi’s best selling vehicle. So a new one needs to be on point to maintain family honour... and share prices. Happily, new Q5 is properly new, not just a midlife refresh. It’s grown in pretty much every direction, with more room for people and things, and features a more deffned look that makes it appear smaller than it did before – a function of good design. As ever…