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It’s raining hard, and has been since our arrival at Knockhill. The team has ducked into the cafe, and Harris is currently pushing a troubling piece of haggis around his plate, sniffing it occasionally and taking bets on who’s brave enough to eat it. The fact that the Scots have a word for weather like this (dreich) speaks volumes about the questionable sanity of heading north in the hope of sunshine for supercar testing in September. Throw into the equation a circuit with zero tolerance to getting your lines wrong and even less tolerant run-off, a combined output of 6,251bhp and value of £1,616,572, and it’s fair to say that our minds were definitely focused. On a more positive note, and brightening the bleak meteorological outlook, this is without question the best…

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the ten

Three seats are better than two. Driving the BP23 OK, it’s a 720S fitted with an interior mock-up of McLaren’s forthcoming three-seater F1 tribute, but time to start get very excited indeed Look closely at this McLaren 720S. Notice something unusual? That’s right, it has a central driving position. You know what this means – it’s a mule of the BP23 Hyper GT. Now don’t get too excited and assume I’ve driven a disguised BP23. I haven’t. I’ve driven a 720S with the steering wheel in the wrong place. First deliveries of the BP23 won’t take place until late 2019, and the early sketches of the interior were only done three or four months ago. This car has been on the road just a couple of weeks. In fact, it’s the very first…

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3 polestar has shown its ev hand

Always losing your car key? Great news! Polestar’s Phone-as-Key lets you use your mobile. You can share your key virtually with anyone else, too R emember a few months back when Volvo’s rare-groove performance arm, Polestar, announced it wanted to reinvent itself as the electric performance-car brand? Well, it’s not messing about. This is the Polestar 1 (note logical naming policy, Audi) and it’s not a concept, it’s the real thing – a 592bhp, plug-in hybrid, M4-sized, 2+2 coupe you will be able to own from mid-2019. And yes, it’s near identical to the Volvo Coupe Concept from 2013. While this car is a stopgap between petrol and electric, Polestar has confrmed subsequent models will feature pure electric drivetrains. These include Polestar 2 – a saloon in late 2019 that “will join the…

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5 the chiron’s worst nightmare has arrived

Batten down the hatches, stock up on Spam and prepare for war, as John Hennessey is – once again – going into battle with Bugatti for the title of the world’s fastest car. Not that he’s ever lost the title, that is. See, the Not-Guinness-Certifed-But-Still-Chufng- Quick 1,244bhp, 270.49mph Hennessey Venom GT is still, technically, the fastest car in the world. Just in one direction. But Bugatti now has a faster car, the Chiron. And is planning a top speed run in 2018. So, not wanting to be Top Trumped, Hennessey is rearming to futureproof his pride. With this, the Venom F5. Named after a particularly destructive breed of tornado (not the refresh button on your keyboard), it’s the latest road-legal land rocket to conform to Hennessey’s ‘Minimal Maximus’ philosophy (that’s Texan Latin for…

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the new mitsubishi evo is here! wait, what?

B oys and girls, this could be our first look at an all-new Mitsubishi Evo. This is a sentence that, 10 years ago, would have had the internet comments’ section in an immediate froth. There’d be debates about how much more power had been wrung out of a 2.0-litre turbo engine, how much the rear wing had been extended by, the number of vortex fns on the roof and just how much fun we’d all have pretending to be rally drivers when we got a go in the thing. Either in real life or on a games console. This time, though, it’s different. The Nineties’ and Noughties’ seemingly endless battle between fast Subaru Imprezas and Mitsubishi Evos, um, ended. You can still buy an STI-badged Subaru, just, but its spec sheet…

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“ A Nissan Qashqai feels about as Japanese as a Sunderland hotpot, largely because it is” With a new hybridised or pure electric machine being released daily, I have lately chosen to surround myself with the least forward-looking motor vehicles possible. The first of these is the Lexus GS F. The GS F is about as modern as a Morgan Plus 8. It has an atmospheric V8 attached to an automatic gearbox. There is no regenerative braking or dual-clutch nomenclature here. BMW’s last M3, which was launched in 2007, was more modern than this car. Which might explain why I like driving it so much. The steering is hydraulically assisted, the dampers can be left in Comfort mode and there are two separate buttons to change the track on your CD player. Yes,…