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CONTENT TEAM OF THE YEAR MOTORING MAGAZINE OF THE YEAR The automotive industry is a constant battle zone, with the apex predators of the species constantly evolving to stay ahead of the pack. For some, being best in class is a core message that drives the whole organisation forwards, with the fear of losing the title too damaging to contemplate. For others, each successive generation is designed to challenge the market leader and prove their worth. Welcome, then, to an issue that celebrates the best of that dog-eat-dog battleground. It’s hard to think of a more sector-defining product than the Porsche 911 – a car that has been shorthand for the term ‘sports car’ for the past 52 years. In its latest iteration, in line with the rest of the automotive landscape, the…

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INTERWEB, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LETTER, CARRIER PIGEON. YOU SEND IT, WE PRINT IT TWITTER.COM/BBC_TOPGEAR FACEBOOK.COM/TOPGEAR INBOX@TOPGEAR.COM SECOND FLOOR A, ENERGY CENTRE, IMMEDIATE MEDIA COMPANY LONDON LIMITED, MEDIA VILLAGE, 201 WOOD LANE, LONDON W12 7TN FROM TOPGEAR.COM Have your say: how would you make Formula One more exciting? Hybrid or V8s? DRS or no DRS? Why not decide a displacement and then a free number of cylinders? I miss the insanity of the old days AlpageJoe No radio. No driver aids. Less technological regulations. This would open up for more technological diversity and still keep focus on the driving and tactical skills of the driver Bigf A joker lap would be much more interesting than DRS (a shortcut lap that you can use a fixed number of times per race to get ahead of somebody) Johnny Blue Better track design would go a long way,…

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off with its head for the mc675

Fear not, you can have it in other colours. This is the 675LT Spider, a 666bhp super-cabrio described by its maker as “the fastest open model ever to wear a McLaren badge”, and by people with eyes as “pushing the boundaries of car paint in new and dangerous directions”. McLaren calls the colour Solis. The suggestion from the TG office was Mucus Sunrise. Frankly it doesn’t matter. The 675LT Spider – effectively a 650S Spider turned up to 11, 12, and possibly higher still – promises to be so very rapid that you’ll be gone long before spectrum-sensitive bystanders can say: “Look! A supercar painted the colour of baby sno—” Because, sensibly, the Spider doesn’t mess with the mechanical formula of the 675LT Coupe, a car we heralded as “the best McLaren…

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5 things you need to know about the volvo s90

1 It’s an XC90 in different clobber It uses the same SPA platform as the big seven-seater SUV, so there are many striking similarities, which is a good thing. Those ‘Thor’s Hammer’ headlights, for example, are Volvo’s new calling card and add a little pizzazz to the soothingly fuss-free bodywork. While the interior could easily double as a meditation chamber, with precious few buttons in sight – just a central portrait-orientated screen – and lashings of high-quality cow leather. Or is it elk? 2 Put your feet up – the S90 will take it from here OK, we’re not talking about catching 40 winks on the way to work, but the S90 builds on the XC90’s autonomous functions. The Pilot Assist system will keep you in your lane at up to 80mph. However,…

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will citroen’s bonkers e-mehari sink or swim?

Do my eyes deceive me, or is that a modern-day Mehari? Nope, it is indeed a modern-day Mehari; a name that rings a fond bell in TopGear’s heart. It’s an all-electric Mehari, too – hence the name – and, believe it or not, will actually be built. As in, for real. So what is it, then? It is, um, interesting. Though it was previewed by a Citroen C4 Cactus-based concept, this production e-Mehari sits on the Bollore Bluesummer underpinnings – a crazy EV already sold in France. Ah. Indeed. But Citroen’s take looks funky, and that’s important. On the Bluesummer base sits a four-seat buggy with removable roof panels, a fold-down rear bench and a plastic-fabric-coated inside. Why plastic? In the event of a sudden downpour. Or indeed, in the event you might want to give the…

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911 turbo. turbo with a [very] big t

As I felt the flesh being peeled from my bones the last time I drove a 911 Turbo, I don’t recall thinking “I wish this was faster”. But clearly Porsche cares not about my facial disfigurement because its engineers have looked long and hard at the laws of physics and found a loophole. This is the updated 911 Turbo and, somehow, it’s even faster. First things first, we’re talking about the Turbo with a big ‘T’ here, not the cooking 911 Carrera and Carrera S, now implanted with a new 3.0-litre twin-turbo. Those models are merely brisk next to their lunatic brother. The 3.8-litre twin-turbo lump is carried over, but power is up by 20bhp across the board to 533bhp in the Turbo and 572bhp in the Turbo S. What that means…