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OK. Whose New Year’s resolutions have already ended in ignominious failure, our good intentions struggling to be compatible with the reality of our lives? For me, a well-intended dry January saw me buckle in week two. So, for those of us who struggle to find the discipline to deliver on short-term goals, can I suggest we aim for a slightly broader, more ambitious plan with an extended timeline? Welcome then to the “TopGear 50 things to do before you die” issue. Our automotive bucket list. As a reader of this magazine, it’s a fair assumption that cars, car culture and everything else that goes around it to make the automotive world so fascinating form a core strand of your DNA (a chromosome you share with the team that makes this magazine).…

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making it happen

Who: Paul Horrell Where: Monteblanco circuit That, my friends, is what unadulterated fear looks like. Even the glasses can’t hide it Who: Andy Franklin Where: Beaulieu Another member of the TopGear team living out their racing-driver fantasies... What: a sandwich Where: Neuberg circuit We’ve seen the future, people. The future is pretzel sandwiches – all crust, none of the squidgy middle bit Who: a dog and Tom Ford Where: San Marcos, Ca Tom Ford gets an exclusive interview with the brains behind Lucra Who: Rowan Horncastle Where: Monchique The life of a photographer is glamour, glamour, glamour every day. Isn’t it, Rowan? Who: Jack Rix Where: Willow Springs The first person who points out a similarity with Donald Trump’s hairdo is in big trouble Been up to anything picture worthy? Send your snaps to or via our Twitter or Facebook pages…

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white. no stripes

Nismo GT-R £149,995 WE SAY: THE FASTEST, MOST HARDCORE GT-R OF THEM ALL. WITH AN EQUALLY HARDCORE PRICE It’s a Nismo, not a Nissan. Which is to say that this particular GT-R is a product of Nissan’s performance and racing department, not the mass-market road-car division. I’m sure there’s more to this than inter-office semantics, but I’m sort of surprised that any GT-R falls under the remit of the same bunch that’s also responsible for the Pulsar, X-Trail and Qashqai. But there we are – only this version has been worked on so hard, to such an extent, that it is deemed worthy of not being labelled a Nissan at all. Nismo. They take the GT-R GT racing, both domestically and internationally, and a couple of years back they had a stab at…

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focused rs

Ford Focus RS Mountune £32,149 (£899 for just the kit) WE SAY: LOUDER, FASTER AND FITTER. THE FOCUS RS HAS BEEN TO BOOT CAMP Those clever chaps at Mountune have given the Focus RS a once over, liberating an extra 25bhp and 30lb ft of thrust from the already thrusty 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine. That takes the totals to 370bhp and 376lb ft, and drops the 0–62mph time from 4.7secs to a Porsche 911-worrying 4.5secs. The FPM375 Power Upgrade, to give it its proper name, is fully compatible with your warranty and can be fitted at any Mountune-appointed Ford dealer in around 90 minutes. What’s more, it will cost you a mere £899. If you already own a Focus RS, that is. Your engine gets a new high-fow induction kit, a refashed ECU and an…

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does the job

Kia Optima Sportswagon 3 £24,495 WE SAY: HIGHLY FORGETTABLE. HIGHLY CAPABLE Meet Kia’s first D-segment wagon (think Mondeo and Superb rival): an entirely European effort. Designed in the West, sold only in the West. No “one world” cost-cutting here. It’s certainly roomier inside than a Mondeo and more logical too. The eight-inch touchscreen makes up in usability what it lacks in resolution, the controls are all sensibly placed and the buttons are large. It’s like driving along in one of those easyuse mobile phones for pensioners that only do voice calls and the odd text. The boot, meanwhile, has a handily low loading sill for chucking your stuff over, so the dog won’t require the fencejumping ability of a Grand National winner to reach the 552-litre boot. This becomes a near-1,700-litre cavern with the…