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coupe de grace

REPORT 7 1984cc, 4cyl turbo, 4WD, 306bhp, 280lb ft 38.7mpg, 169g/km CO2 0–62mph in 4.9secs, 155mph 1365kg £40,310/£48,970 Total mileage 10,298 Driver Ollie Marriage Why it’s here Does the TTS have real sporting smarts? Something had been bugging me about the Audi TTS. It was nothing to do with its speed. I tested that the other day and can now confirm that an unmolested TTS is still a deeply rapid car. It did 0–60mph in 4.4secs and 100mph in 10.3. The combo of 4WD, twin-clutch gearbox and launch control is supereffective. Nice upshift parps, too. But I digress. What’s been bugging me is the sense of occasion I get from driving it – or rather the lack of it. I’m not talking about the things I interact with, touch and feel every day – the interior design and…

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beginner’s truck

W hat’s groundbreaking about the new Navara is that, if you buy the four-door ‘Double Cab’ version (as around 80 per cent of Europeans will), you get multi-link rear suspension instead of leaf springs. And for the handful of you who haven’t immediately flicked over to read about a tyre-wrecking AMG instead, here’s why that makes the Navara the most likeable pickup around. Essentially, you don’t need to be troubling the 1,000kg payload capacity, or the 3,500kg towing ability, to get the rear end to settle down and stop behaving like a disgruntled camel. It’s no crossover – despite what Nissan will tell you – but it’s much better-mannered than the leafsprung ‘King Cab’ entry-level version. Maintaining that sort of dead-lift penchant with much less archaic suspension deserves applause in this…

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audi q7 e-tron

Audi may not have been first to the hybrid party, but you could always rely on it injecting some pizzazz into plugging in. Thus the Q7 e-tron’s worthy economy numbers are swishly displayed via its Virtual Cockpit TFT dials. There are other tech highlights, too: waste heat from the electric components feeds the aircon system, saving energy, while the drivetrain works with the satnav to assess your route ahead and then shuffle most efficiently between diesel, electric and hybrid power. It means you’ll nearly always glide silently through towns and villages, a genuinely arresting experience in an SUV that weighs as much as a Bentley. Yep. At 2,445kg, the Q7 e-tron is nearly 25 per cent heftier than standard, so it’s no surprise it’s not as agile as its base car. But then…

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are autonomous cars about to take over the world?

I thought the law had left self-driving cars dead in the water? True, in Europe and the US current legislation forbids microchips deputising for tired, unwell or plain lazy drivers and taking over entirely. But in Japan – so long a forward-thinking car-tech hotspot – Nissan says it’ll have fully autonomous cars running around Tokyo by 2020. And Google has already got its driverless pods bumbling around California. A week is a long time in politics – imagine what can change in a decade… Who are the latest contenders? Well, as we’ve already mentioned Nissan – the new Leaf-previewing IDS Concept is a good start. It’s a conventional (OK, carbon-bodied design study) family hatchback that offers manual driving mode, or will take over at the push of a button. However, as you drive…

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meet the new boss. same as the old boss?

It’s 5:30am, the new 911 is parked in our narrow alleyway and I desperately want to drive it. Too many sports cars start from cold, making macho with high-rev posturing and exhaust parps. They’d furiously wake the whole street. I want to leave everyone in peace, but not badly enough to walk away from the 911. Nervously I turn the key. The Porsche purrs into a discreet idle and tiptoes away into the darkness. See, the 911 isn’t only brilliant at going rabidly fast. A huge part of what makes it such a wonderful automotive life-partner is that it’s also great company when caged in by the stubborn realities of everyday conditions and roads. Everything just works, and works with a deeply satisfying precision born of decades of careful evolution by engineers…

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twingoing away

GOODBYE 898cc, 3cyl petrol, RWD, 89bhp, 100lb ft 65.7mpg, 99g/km CO2 0–62mph in 10.8 seconds, 103mph 943kg 12,595/13,765 Total mileage 7511 Driver Sam Philip Why it’s here Is this the best city car on the market? After nine months and some 7,500 miles, it is time for our Twingo to meet its maker. Literally, it’s going back to Renault. Usually, after six months or more in possession of a car, you’ve got a pretty strong idea how you feel about it. But I’m still genuinely unsure where I stand on the Twingo, which has proved quite the little Jekyll and Hyde during its TG stint. On the plus side, I remain a fully paid-up advocate of the Twingo’s innovative (or, rather, entirely uninnovative but long-forgotten) rear-engine, rear-drive layout. By reducing the front overhang, it enables the Twingo to…