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Issue 291 January 2017 Everyone can remember the first car that really scared them. That moment when you realised you were dealing with something brutal, a sinister, dark potency that made you feel properly insignificant. For me, that moment of realisation came early. My dad (a works demonstration driver on Sunbeam Tigers, successful racer, self-confessed petrolhead and all-round legend) surrounded himself with a group of mates who shared his passion. One of whom had some very serious toys, including a GT40 – registration FEL1C. I remember the first time I came into contact with it vividly. It was a blazing hot summer’s day in the paddock at Snetterton… the GT40 was impossibly low, sleek and beautiful in its deep metallic blue. It was, as far as I was concerned, the most exciting…

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making it happen

Who: Chris Rowles/Andy Franklin Where: The printers TopGear’s reprographics executive and creative director rocking that dinner-lady-chic look. Who: Jack Rix Where: Memphis, USA Either that’s the best burger he’s ever tasted or he’s just broken a tooth. We’ll never know... Who: Rowan Horncastle Where: Bisi ’s workshop Having failed to learn the violin, Rowan decided to give learning the tuba a shot. Also failed. Who: Stephen Dobie Where: Coniston More evidence of’s deputy editor taking it easy on the job. Nice scarf, Steve. Who: Fuel station attendant Where: rural France Having retired from her Formula One pitstop career, this lady now refuels cars in France. Who: Jack Rix Where: A lake in Spain Spot the ball, readers. Yes, you’re right, it’s several feet out in that freezing lake... Been up to anything picture worthy? Send your snaps to or via…

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extra class

Every new car that matters, rated or slated Mercedes-AMG E63S £84,000 approx. Nudge the Dynamic Select controller into Race mode, toggle manual gears, turn stability control of, pull both paddles, confrm with the right. Congratulations, you have just discovered Drift mode and turned your 4WD Mercedes-Benz E63S into a rearwheel-drive skid hero. A proper rear-driver, not the artifce of the Ford Focus RS’s system feeding extra power to the back axle, but a car that’s now sending 604bhp and 626lb ft of torque through the rear wheels alone. With no traction control. It’s irrelevant, of course. Well, unless you’re trying to fll pages of a magazine with smokin’ pictures or trying to make yourself look like a drift hero. Otherwise the potential for abject embarrassment and a massive repair bill coming hot on the heels…

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snow. mobile

Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain £49,000 approx. Several years ago, Merc built a car called the R63 AMG. It was lunacy – a hefty, bargey people carrier with a 6.2-litre V8 in it. I mention it for no other reason than I hope they’ll have a similar lapse this time around and put the twin-turbo V8 from the E63 into this. That would be a hell of a thing. As it is, the All-Terrain is a perfectly rational machine. It is exactly what you think it is – a high-rise E-Class, a perfect copy of the Audi Allroad and Volvo Cross Country. It’s available with two diesels, the new 2.0-litre four and the 3.0-litre V6. In the UK we’re likely to only be getting the latter. Pity, because the 220d makes a good case for…

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micra machine

Nissan Micra IG-T 90 Tekna £17,275 As sometimes happens with Japanese cars, different generations of Micras have had bewilderingly different characters. They’ve been cute or boring, elaborate or straightforward… and loved or ignored in Britain. The last one sat at the wrong pole of all those spectra, at least from our perspective. But then it wasn’t designed with us in mind, instead looking to India and Thailand. The new one was conceived start-to-finish for Europe. So it’s bigger, lower, wider and more interesting to look at and drive. The old one ended life listed from £7,995, and the new starts at £11,995. Nissan is clearly feeling lucky. With justification. The Micra’s engines are shared with Renault – a 0.9-litre petrol turbo triple, 1.1-litre unblown, or a 1.5-litre 4cyl diesel. The little turbo makes…