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evolution of the clio renaultsport

CLIO RENAULTSPORT 182 TROPHY Engine: 1998cc, 4cyl, 182bhp @ 6500rpm. 148lb ft @ 5250rpm Performance: 0–62mph in 7.1secs, 139mph Transmission: 5spd manual, FWD Economy: 34.9mpg, 194g/km CO2 Weight: 1090kg L x W: 3811mm x 1940mm CLIO RENAULTSPORT 220 TROPHY Engine: 1618cc, 4cyl turbo, 217bhp @ 6050rpm, 207lb ft @ 2000rpm Performance: 0–62mph in 6.6secs, 146mph Transmission: 6spd automatic, FWD Economy: 47.9mpg, 135 g/km CO2 Weight: 1204kg L x W: 4063mm x 1732mm A decade isn’t all that separates these two Clios. Going by name alone, one is inarguably a direct descendant of the other, and yet what we have here is an automatic five-door with a turbocharged four, and a naturally aspirated three-door with a manual gearbox. Such is progress, then, that on first inspection these two diminutive Frenchies share little. The Clio II first. Renault sold thousands upon thousands, but few like this. Built…

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look within

WE SAY: LUCKILY THERE’S PLENTY MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE IN THE CASE OF THE SQ7 Don’t turn the page. Thanks. You might not think you’re interested in this onlyslightly-less-drab-looking version of the Audi Q7. But how does 4.9 seconds to 62mph grab you? A V8 bashing out 435 horsepower and 664lb ft of torque? And a piece of new technology that’s going to change all sorts of cars? The engine is a new V8 diesel with – count ’em! – three different compressors. Two are turbochargers, a big one for highrev power and a little ’un for low-rev perkiness. But we all know even a little turbo is still a turbo and will still show lag. So the SQ7’s third compressor is driven not by an exhaust turbine but an electric…

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atomic physics

1:18 SCALE ARIEL ATOM V8 According to the laws of quantum mechanics, atoms don't shrink. The distance between the protons and neutrons and their surrounding electrons simply can't be reduced, even if you have a really futuristic ray gun. Of course this only applies to actual atoms, although if this model is anything to go by, it's also true of Ariel Atoms. "We've been approached by a few model makers over the years," says Ariel boss Simon Sounders, "but when they understood the complexity of modelling the Atom they all gave up at an early stage." But it appears Spanish company Soul Models was up to the job, and it's not just picked any old Atom; it's gone for the maddest of the lot, the 500bhp Atom V8. Only 25 were…

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is the 3008 part of the pug renaissance?

In the blue corner Name: Jack Rix Age: 32 Occupation: deputy editor Secret weapon: a beret In the red corner Name: Dan Read Age: 32 Occupation: you’ll have to ask him Secret weapon: long fingernails Gentlemen, these are your instructions. Obey the rules, protect yourself at all times, and only resort to violence if you really have to. Ding ding… JR: Do my eyes deceive me? I’ve just been looking at pictures of the new 3008, and it’s really rather fetching. In an ocean of bland Qashqai-sized crossovers it actually stands out, which is precisely what its blobby predecessor didn’t do. 10:32 DR: I agree, it’s much better than the old one, which looked like some sort of bottom feeder. But just because something’s better, it doesn’t mean it’s good. Take the music of Coldplay, for example. 10:35 JR: When have Coldplay ever…

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swede dreams

Volvo has revealed a pair of concepts for its next range of mid-size 40-series cars. The 40.1 concept is a ringer for the XC40, a BMW X1-rivalling SUV due to hit showrooms next year, while the 40.2 wears fastback-saloon disguise, but is actually a hatchback. Design director Thomas Ingenlath has confirmed the 40.1 is very close indeed to the XC40 and despite its name, the 40.2 is the concept version of the third body style in the new 40 series, we understand. A regular hatch, replacing the current V40, will come next after the XC40. Underneath the 40.1 and 40.2 is Volvo’s freshly minted Compact Modular Architecture platform. Volvo’s head of R&D Peter Mertens says the platform is a step ahead for Volvo. “We are going to fire the next stage…

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mercedes c63 amg

Price/as tested £61,000/£62,910 Model C63 Driver Charlie Turner Why it’s here Is this the most diverse performance car on the planet? 3982cc, V8, RWD, 469bhp, 479lb ft 33.6mpg, 196g/km CO2 0–62mph in 4.2secs, 155mph 1785kg GOODBYE In the months we’ve been fortunate enough to have enjoyed the company of the C63, it’s done an incredibly convincing job of making a case for being the perfect car for my current lifestyle. I’ve been fortunate enough to have run some truly incredible cars in my time on the magazine. They have spanned the extremes of proportion and practicality in the form of the X-Bow and the Range Rover and performance in the shape of Caterham 160 and the BAC Mono. But never has one car done such a good job of offering the right solution to every automotive…