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skoda superb

Price £23,290/£30,320 Model SE Driver Esther Neve Why it’s here Is the Superb estate more than just a huge boot? 1998cc, 4cyl turbodiesel, FWD, 148bhp, 251lb ft 68.9mpg, 109g/km CO2 0–62mph in 8.9secs, 135mph 1430kg REPORT 6 Before I continue, I must make one thing absolutely clear: what I am about to complain about is by no means exclusively a Skoda problem – it is prevalent throughout the entire motoring industry. The Superb’s electronic nannying is driving me mad. While evidently brilliant for the odd occasion when you actually need it, the rest of the time it butts in when not necessary. Allow me to give you two of the most frustrating examples... Situation one: a residential London street, cars parked on both sides, still enough room for two cars to pass each other, pedestrian islands dotted along…

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time to up grade?

01 BAUME & MERGER CAPELAND SHELBY COBRA 1963 Shelby Cobra chassis number CSX2128 might not ring any bells to people with, y’know, lives to get on with, but bear with us. It was a black roadster with a 289 Ford V8 and yellow stripes, built for the 1963 12 Hours of Sebring, where it finished an unremarkable 29th. But it, and other Cobras, would have many solid performances that season, which convinced Ford that the team behind them - Shelby American - should run the company’s GT40s at Le Mans in 1966, where they would take a famous 1-2-3. In other words, CSX2128 is an unsung hero, and one that Baume & Mercier has chosen to applaud in this limited edition of its Capeland chronograph. Hence the yellow bits, the cobra…

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our kind of rotary club

Everyone goes on about how rotary-engined cars sound. Some suggest they’re as angry and piercing as a woodmill bandsaw, others that they’re shriller and more irritating than a mosquito in your inner ear. No one ever mentions the smell. At this stage, Oz Clarke would probably start harping on about pungent bouquets of this and syrupy aromas of that, but what we’re dealing with here is the afterburnings of petrol and oil, so wine phraseology isn’t really appropriate. You know Castrol R, though? It’s like that, but instead of the rich, earthy tones, we have darker, more subversive nasal textures, combined with the sweeter high notes of what appears to be ski wax, if that’s of any help to you. To be precise, we have Redline 50W race oil combined with Castrol two-stroke…

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new boy, new toy.

It’s a warm spring afternoon in Times Square, New York. Leaning through the window of my car is a heavily armed New York City police officer, barking as to why in the four-letter-word I’ve driven onto one of the world’s most famous intersections and opened the Falcon Wing doors of my new Tesla Model X. One reason is my photographer, positioned across the street, thought it would be a good idea to cause a stir. And it has. Pedestrians are swarming around the car, faces beaming, cameraphones flashing and the cop – quite rightly – is reading me the riot act. “Why do you look so nervous?!” he barks. “You got something to hide?” I manage only a series of “umms” before we’re joined by yet more heavily armed police. Headlines…

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my other car is a... volocopter vc200

This is the Volocopter VC200, an electric multicopter “so easy to fly that anyone can command it”. We’re not sure if that’s a great selling point for an aircraft, especially one that fies anywhere near us, but it’s probably OK because the VC200 is more of a semi-autonomous drone than a traditional chopper. It can be operated from the ground by remote control, or – and this sounds more fun – from the cockpit by a simple joystick for fights up to 20mins. No pedals or rudders to worry about – just point it where you want to go, and the computers do the rest. It will even hover by itself and automatically compensate for any turbulence. This month, it completed its frst manned fight, and although it went well,…

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modern muscle #02 double trouble

What is it? No, you don’t need stronger specs. This beast, known as Double Trouble, really has got two V8 engines and four – yes, four – superchargers stacked on top of them. The poor chassis trying to deliver all this shock and awe to the gardenroller-wide rear tyres started life as a 1927 Ford Model T Roadster. That original car had 40bhp when it trundled off the world’s first automotive production line. Today? Well, it’s bit more: 1,200bhp, to be precise. Er, why exactly? Double Trouble’s builder and owner is Las Vegasbased Kiwi Gordon Tronson, who here takes up the story of how it happened: “Growing up in New Zealand, I had a lot to do with hot rods. I belonged to [famous Napier-based] Marineland Street Rod and Kustom Klub. If it…