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mazda mx-5 rf vs toyota gt86

WE SAY: BOTH ARE REASONABLY FAST, BOTH ARE VERY FUN. BUT WHICH £25k SPORTS CAR IS BEST? What’s new here? By giving the RF a folding hard top, Mazda has produced its closest model yet to an MX-5 coupe. Hence why it now treads properly on the Toyota’s toes. It costs a couple of grand more than a comparable MX-5 roadster, but you get a far fancier roof for your money. Toyota has refreshed the GT86 after five years on sale. On the surface, the changes are slight. Some new lights and a spoiler, basically. Beneath, though, there have been many, quite geeky tweaks to make it even sharper to drive than before. And driftier. How does it drive? It’s very approachable. There is plenty of grip, and the 2.0-litre 4cyl’s power delivery is linear.…

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natural selection

WE SAY: TEN OUT OF TEN, FOR A PORSCHE. WHO’D HAVE THOUGHT IT? Famously, this is the car that proves the manual gearbox is not dead. When the current 911 GT3 frst appeared in 2013, it was only available with Porsche’s twin-clutch transmission. Four years down the line and after customers kicked up a fuss, Porsche has back-tracked. The GT3, Porsche’s hardcore road/track car, is now available with the 6spd manual frst seen on last year’s retro-inspired 911R. But a new gearbox does not warrant this much magazine real estate (we’ve written about it in the column, right) and besides, the red one in the pictures here is a PDK. Which is probably the better gearbox. Although I’d have the manual. Confused? Let’s wind back and start at the top. So this…

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advertisement feature

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eight into five

WE SAY: FOREVER IN THE M5’S SHADOW, BUT A SUPERB DARK HORSE If you’re a glass-half-full person, it shows the breadth of ability of the new 5-Series that BMW’s launched in the same month – at the same event, no less – a hybrid, low-CO2 version that you can read about opposite, and this here 4.4- litre, 462bhp bi-turbo V8 M550i that’s unfashionably above the 200g per kilometre habit. Half-empty glassers will shout hypocrisy and probably mention that a Tesla is faster and greener than both. I think the rest of us would rather get on and fnd out what the fastest Five you can buy (unless you’re a Brit, because no UK sales are planned) – until the new 600bhp M5 arrives – is actually like. Fast, obviously. But faster than…

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tune deaf

N issan wants the new Micra to appeal to young folk like me (23). For that to happen it needed to nail the infotainment – and it hasn’t. Ours is a top-spec Tekna, but it doesn’t have Apple CarPlay. For now that’s reserved for the mid-spec Acenta. Theory is you don’t need it when you’ve got built-in nav, which ours has. Nonsense. I (and 50m others) use Spotify for music, and so far as I can tell, there’s no support for it whatsoever. It’ll play alright (providing you hit play on your phone before you set of), and you can skip ahead to the next track, but if you want to listen to a diferent album or artist, you’d have to use your phone. I thought Nissan’s own app interface…

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owner’s manual

Engine 3996cc flat 6cyl, RWD, 493bhp, 339lb ft Performance 0–62mph in 3.9secs, 198mph, 21.9mpg, 290g/km CO2 Weight 1413kg So Ollie thinks he’s wrong wanting the new Porsche 911 GT3 with the 6spd manual? He’s right. It is wrong, oh so wrong, the 6spd three-pedal 911 GT3 is an anachronism. An amazing one, though, which elevates Porsche’s purist GT3 to another level. So what if it loses some acceleration over the PDK paddleshifter? You. Just. Won’t. Care. One perfectly blipped, wrist-flicked downshift and you’ll be convinced. And then some. He’s already told you the engine’s epic (it is), the chassis incredible (again, yes), and the PDK is sensational (he’s absolutely right). But then I know Ollie, and if he chose the manual, he’d be absolutely right, however wrong it might be.…