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My earliest car memory is of a four-and-a-bit-year-old me sat in the back of my Dad’s 3.0-litre Ford Capri outside the circus. The show was over, and people were heading home; sadly, our departure wasn’t going so smoothly. It was cold and icy, traction was limited, our offside rear had become good friends with a steel drainage grate and we were going nowhere. With Dad opting for the ‘brute force and ignorance’ approach that has long been the family motto, all the car’s power was being deployed in an effort to free us. Power turned to heat, which eventually turned to traction, and we fired out of the space leaving behind a glowing drainage culvert and a number of further converts to my Dad’s sideways-to-victory driving style. Fords were a big…

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TWITTER.COM/BBC_TOPGEAR FACEBOOK.COM/TOPGEAR SECOND FLOOR A, ENERGY CENTRE, IMMEDIATE MEDIA COMPANY LONDON LIMITED, MEDIA VILLAGE, 201 WOOD LANE, LONDON W12 7TN INBOX@TOPGEAR.COM FROM TOPGEAR.COM After listening to the Pagani Zonda LM’s engine screaming, we want your favourites Pagani Huayra. I’m a sucker for turbos. Yes, that’s a pun. Bryan Kristopher Moore TVR 450 SEAC. You could hear one coming from a mile away Chris Lawford The best car noise is no noise at all, like the Tesla. Car noise is the product of poor engineering – instead of the fuel producing power, it is producing noise. Essentially noisy cars sound like they are about to break down, all bark and no bite. Mike Pilgrim The morning before the 1972 US GP, we woke up to a foggy morning with the sound of the Ferrari team warming up. They pulled out onto the track…

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ask and you shall receive

The new Lexus LC 500 is proof that manufacturers really do listen, if we beg hard enough. When the LF-LC concept first appeared at the 2012 Detroit show its purpose was merely to illustrate Lexus’s future design strategy, but so dramatic was its shape that pretty soon the pleading began. Four years later, and the Japanese 6-Series is ready to roll, and looking just as eye-popping as the concept. It’s a design to which the printed page can’t really do justice – constantly morphing depending on where you stand. I recommend lingering a little on the front three-quarter angle, crouching down perhaps to take in the bulging rear flanks – the wheels straining to bust out of their arches. Stop at the blacked out B-pillars and allow a nostalgic thought for…

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8 things you need to know about the mercedes e-class

1It looks quite like the C- and S-Class The E-Class has never been all that bold. Admittedly, that’s not really the point of it, but there were at least points of differentiation across the Merc range. A bystander used to be able to tell whether you had a C-, E- or S-Class. But no more, because, as you can see, Merc has dialled out anything even vaguely resembling a styling feature unique to its mid-ranger. No doubt it’s good-looking – svelte, elegant and well proportioned – but we would’ve liked Mercedes to exhibit just a bit more imagination. 2 Say goodbye to that rattly old 2.1-litre diesel Mercedes has been saddling everything from S-Classes to Sprinter panel vans with it for years, so it’s about time we were treated to something new. The…

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vlf force 1 v10

TG: You already sell the Fisker-Karma based Destino V8, what’s the idea behind the Force 1? HF: The Force 1 is obviously the sports car in the family, and really aggressive. We tried to strike something between a racecar and a luxury car. BL: The interior is spectacular. Just wait until you see this very frosty, high metallic content silver with this pumpkin pie coloured interior. It’s just dynamite. TG: After championing plug-in hybrids with the Karma, isn’t selling V8 and V10 supercars a bit of a contradiction? BL: He means: “What’s a greenie like you doing with 650bhp cars like this?” HF: I always say it’s great to eat salad, but I don’t want to eat salad every day – I like to have a steak as well. Electric cars, plug-in hybrids and supercars…

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the knowledge

1 Dieselgate? What Dieselgate? As the lawyers sharpen their fountain pens, VW is busily carrying on and not mentioning the d-word. This ‘concept’ Tiguan petrol-hybrid offers 222bhp, 0–62mph in 6.4secs and 20 miles of EV range. 2 Shock new lightweight Roller! Yes folks, the Bentley Bentaygafighting Rolls SUV will be based on a new aluminium spaceframe architecture. Will it weigh less than three tonnes? Hopefully. And will it have a less ostentatious paintjob? 3 Tesla does a Harry Potter Remember the ‘accio’ summoning spell? Well, Tesla boss Elon Musk has announced you’ll be able to summon your Tesla to you by 2018. Apparently it’ll cross entire countries autonomously. 4 Aston confirms new V12 engine The new DB11 (not to mention future Vantages and an SUV, we’d wager) will feature a new twin-turbo 5.2 V12. No word on…