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At TopGear we’re always striving to do things a little bit differently. We push for better access, drive a little further, challenge the norm… to ensure we are always in a better place to deliver the best to you, our audience. So, as the rest of the automotive world headed to a desert in Utah to test the all-new Discovery we saved on the plane ticket and set out across Europe to test this fifth generation in the real world. While I’m sure Utah would elicit some stunning scenic backdrops and much opportunity to test the Disco’s capabilities on sand, what we wanted to know was how a car with a global reputation for go-anywhere diversity could cut it in the more extreme variety of surfaces it’s more likely to…

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lamborghini aventador s

Lamborghini Aventador S £271,146 WE SAY: AVENTADOR IS TRANSFORMED BY THE ADDITION OF 4WS Everyone’s ftting fourwheel steering now, aren’t they? Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari – they’re all at it. We’ll have it on hot hatches soon. Not that you’ll notice – the system is intended to be subtle, the machinations of the hydraulic actuators designed to be unobtrusive. But this is Lamborghini and Lamborghini does not do unobtrusive. Ahead is a slalom test, an easy second-gear weave through cones at 30mph. No stress, just a gentle guide through to get a feel for things. I’ve done it already in the old Aventador, although its presence here is itself unusual. Car frms very rarely wheel out the old model at the launch of its replacement, probably for fear you’ll notice areas where old beats…

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kia rio

Kia Rio 1.3 T-GDi £17,500 WE SAY: IT’S GOOD VALUE, AND THAT’S PRETTY MUCH ALL KIA THINKS YOU WANT Pleasantly roomy inside, but dull as ditchwater to actually pilot To be blunt, it looks like a full-strength price for a watered-down car. I mean, £17.5k? WTF? That is for the top-spec Launch Edition, but you wouldn’t pick it out in a crowd. Its design, inside and out, is neat but generic. The road noise is an assault on your ears. The ride lacks fuency. It’s not a premium proposition. Good points? The three-cylinder turbo engine gets along well (cheaper unblown fours are available), and there’s a liveliness to the quick steering. But this car appeals to left-brain buyers, so surely Kia would have been better of working on the comfort. It’s roomy inside, though…

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volkswagen golf 1.5 tsi evo

VW Golf 1.5 TSI Evo £21,000 est WE SAY: BRILLIANT NEW ENGINE, BUT THERE ARE SNAGS... The facelifted MkVII Golf arrives into the world two years after the dieselgate scandal shook carmakers, buyers and governments. And wouldn’t you know it? The headline act for MkVII.5 is a new petrol engine. And not even a downsized one. Goodbye, 1.4-litre 4cyl turbo. Hello, 1.5-litre TSI Evo. It’s a 180° trend aboutface that’s more interesting than the new (standard on all models) LED lights, autonomous-in-trafc mode, more assertive bumpers, smattering of fresh alloys and golden shower paintwork. The 1.5-litre four-pot will be available in two tunes: a 130bhp version that’ll account for the majority of sales, and a 148bhp one that won’t, because it’ll cost around £21k and produce a toppier 116g/ km CO2. Guess which…

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volkswagen golf gti

WE SAY: EVEN THE MOST BASIC FAST GOLF IS ONE OF THE BEST ALL-ROUNDERS VW Golf GTI £27,865 hat’s most interesting about this MkVII.5 Golf GTI is how VW is happy for its role to shift, or rather, to let the sands shift around it. We think of this as heartland hot hatch, don’t we? But with 227bhp, it’s closer in output to a Fiesta ST than a Peugeot 308 GTi, as the wildly, rightly successful AWD Golf R is propelled above 300bhp to duel with future Megane RSs and Civic Type Rs. From being right in the heart of the action, the 227bhp Golf GTI is now, performance-wise, an underdog. Even with DSG on board (six-speed for the standard car, and seven gears in the 245bhp GTI Performance), the GTI only…

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volkswagen golf gtd

£27,065 Engine 1968cc 4cyl TD, FWD, 182bhp, 280lb ft Performance 0–62mph in 7.5secs, 143mph, 64.2mpg, 114g/km CO2 Weight 1395kg As a fast and frugal family car, the GTD slots alongside a BMW 335d Touring or Volvo V90 Cross Country as an “all the car you’d ever really need” machine. It’s quick enough to make the front tyres hunt for grip in first and second, but never unruly enough to trouble the ideally weighted steering with torque-steer. But off the back of the emissions scandal, diesel is coming under pressure from what propelled it to major success in the first place: government. Diesel Golfs will likely survive for the MkVIII generation (by 2020). But then it’ll likely be usurped by the likes of a plug-in Golf GTE. OK…