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The launch of any new Jaguar is laden with expectation and cliched feline headlines. For as long as I have been in this industry, it feels like every new Jaguar launched has laboured under the expectation of being “the most significant car in the company’s history”. But as milestones go for the brand embodied by William Lyons’s adage of “grace, space and pace”, Jaguar’s first foray into the SUV market is a big deal. In fact, as a brief for the largest growth sector in the automotive landscape goes, Lyons’s slogan (first used in Fifties Jaguar advertising campaigns) couldn’t better reflect what an ever-increasing number of people are looking for in a modern car. Like it or not, our roads are a battleground, with size and driving position now major influencing factors.…

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making it happen

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roofless ambition

WE SAY: ROLLS IS TARGETING A YOUNGER AUDIENCE WITH ITS NEW DAWN CABRIO New Rolls-Royces don’t come along very often, and fortunately there’s more to this one than first meets the eye. According to director of design Giles Taylor, the aim when they got cracking on the Dawn drophead wasn’t just to design something beautiful, it was to create a car that made its occupants look like rock stars. Or perhaps 21st-century incarnations of the characters in The Great Gatsby. A noble ambition, but a tall order given that Taylor and his team are car designers, not magicians, and team TG probably didn’t feature in any of the mood boards. You need serious chutzpah to pull this thing off. Following all the ghostly goings-on with Phantoms and Wraiths, Rolls says the name…

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power corrupts

WE SAY: BIG, HEAVY, LADEN WITH TECH AND ÜBER FAST. OPEN-AIR OPULENCE AT ITS BEST It’s a wilfully German sort of luxury, the S Cabriolet. Lane assist, blind-spot assist, digital displays, a 360° camera with night vision and intelligent climate control that maintains temperature whatever you do with the electric three-layer roof… it’s luxury through grandiose technology, not the hiding of it. A very different approach to the Rolls Dawn, then, for half the price. The odd thing is that less, bizarrely, is more, with this two-tonne, five-metre-long German uber cabrio. You’d imagine the AMG S63 version would be the perfect execution of Mercedes’ ultimate drop-top, a 577bhp, twin-turbo V8 homage to opulence and to hell with political correctness. Hmm, not so sure about that. Yes, it’s prodigiously, unnecessarily fast, offering a…

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question of sport

DS 3 Performance £20,495 WE SAY: DS JOINS THE HOT HATCH PARTY, THANKS TO HELP FROM PEUGEOT... Let’s avoid getting bogged down in why DS, the now standalone posh Citroen offshoot named after a legendary barge famed for exquisite ride comfort, is building a firmer, louder hot hatch. We’re interested in the driving, and whether your 20 grand goes better in DS’s pocket than in Mini’s, or Ford’s, especially with a faster Fiesta ST200 incoming. Mind you, Peugeot has a right to get uppity with DS, given how much of the 208 GTi by Peugeot Sport has been pinched to tone up the 3. The Pug donates its 205bhp, 221lb ft engine, limited-slip front diff, bucket seats and Brembo brakes. The 18-inch rims are DS’s own, and with a 15mm ride height drop and…