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range rover sport 3.0 v6 s/c

£64,400 Engine 2995cc s’charged V6, 4WD, 337bhp, 332lb ft Performance 0–62mph in 6.9secs, 130mph, 26.9mpg, 243g/km CO2, Weight 2147kg As diesel falters, LR’s introduced a 3.0- litre s’charged petrol V6 to its 2018 MY Sport line-up. Snappier satnav is at last on offer too. The nav’s crisper, but this 337bhp F-Type engine feels like an odd fit – reedy, not torquey enough and lacking a lusty engine note and clever ’box manners. In regular driving, 20.5mpg was the average. Mind you, the realistic official claim is 26.9mpg; 243g/km CO2 ain’t too clever either – but it’s unlikely to be banned from cities this decade. Time being, we still want a TDV6 RRS, for usable torque and a range over 300 miles. Turbos don’t necessarily improve all cars, but they’d be preferable here.…

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N o, you’re absolutely right. Hardly anyone who buys a Jaguar F-Pace, let alone one that tiptoes around on 22in wheels (twenty-twos!) will subject it to trial by quarry. We’ve done it now, so they won’t have to. And predictably, the Jag was outclassed in the rough. The ride, which it struggles to reconcile with British roads anyway, bounced occupants clean out of the seat, and, like the Alfa, its rear-drive-untilyou- slip set-up isn’t really optimised for bushwhacking. Fearful of splintering the low-profle bumper and tyres on underwater obstacles, or a sharp-edged twig, these unashamedly road-biased SUVs were subjected to the least harsh of-road treatment. These are jacked-up sports saloons, with only a hill-descent mode between them as a sop to their go-anywhere marketing potential. The Peugeot and Skoda are both…

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racing legends

Ferrari 641 The 641 is officially a work of art: it’s the only racing car to be part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York H ands up who remembers 1989... hands up who was even born in 1989. Well, panic not, all you need to know is that big things happened in F1 back then. Motorsport’s legislative seesaw meant that turbocharging was banned from the 1989 season, and Ferrari engine man Claudio Lombardi had overseen the development of an all-new, quad-cam 3.5-litre V12, a unit that revved to an ear-popping 12,000rpm-plus. But Ferrari’s 1989 car, the 641, is better remembered for marking the debut of the semi-automatic paddleshift gearbox, an innovation that would turn the sport upside down. It also gave new Scuderia signing Nigel…

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H ow do you measure a car’s practicality? Bootspace is an obvious metric, but rather one-dimensional. It’s how the packaging uses that space, and how accessible it is to the owner, that really matters. Nobody knows this more than an under-slept, over-stressed family man in a hurry. An ability to fip fop seats into the perfect load/people-carrying confguration and appropriately install/remove a child’s car seat, all in world-record time and one-handed because you have a screaming child in the other, is crucial. So there’s our test right there. The rear seats will begin folded fat, doors closed. Against the clock and while gently cradling a Stiglet in one arm, it’s my job to raise them to their correct position and strap in a child’s seat. Beside my impressive display of athleticism, notable…

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top fuel [saver]

Report 3 Toyota Prius £28,255/£28,800 W hat I’m fnding surprising is the amount of colleagues that want to borrow this demented evil Pokémon. Maybe it’s because they know just how easy it is to drive; you can waft your way across town with zero fuss. Alongside a black Ford Focus, this must be the most anonymous car there is. There are literally hundreds of them packing city streets all over the world. If you wanted to do a bank job, this would be the best car. No one would bat an eyelid. Except your getaway would be painfully slow as, even in Power mode, it’s like you’re stuck in porridge. Learn to caress the throttle and harvest the braking, and the mpg is huge. I’ve had as high as 110 in eco, but only…

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the tg guide to... fixing your car

Disaster! You’ve hopped into your car, turned the key and… nothing. Dead. Expired. But fear not. Just work your way through TG’s handy question-andanswer checklist, and you’ll surely be up and running in no time… 1) Do you own a car? Surprisingly common mistake, this. The frst, and arguably most important, step in fxing your car is to determine whether you do, in fact, own a car. If not, you may be sitting in your garden shed, or atop a mighty shire horse named Stephen. Either way, this more than likely explains why it’s failing to fre into life at the turn of your key. Also, where did you get that key? 2) Is the car you’re sitting in your car? Again, an all-too-common error. Even if you do own a car, please check…