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welcome... TopGear Speed Week 2016: an unashamed celebration of the fastest cars of the year. Fast comes in many automotive forms, from the exquisitely exclusive £1,800,000 Aston Martin Vulcan to the somewhat more attainable £22,895 Ford Fiesta ST200... At the beginning of September, we gathered our favourite performance cars of 2016 at the stunning Red Bull Ring – a 2.7-mile sinew of perfect, F1-grade tarmac set against a backdrop of beautiful Austrian countryside. While the focus of Speed Week remained the track, for many the journey to the showdown had been a significant adventure in itself... Digital had battled analogue over the mountains as the Honda NSX and Porsche 911R fought to claim the mantle of the best driver’s car on the Grossglockner Pass. Meanwhile, on a deserted stretch of autobahn, Germany had…

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making it happen

Who: Andy Franklin Where: Grossglockner Well, well.... Mr Universe is a lot skinnier than any of us remembers Who: John Wycherley Where: Red Bull Ring Bare feet for extra grip, shades for added cool. Our photographers go the extra mile Who: Renault RS16 team Where: Timmelsjoch “Don’t mind us, you just have your picnic while we do all the hard work. Thanks, guys” Who: Barnes, Norris, Rowles Where: pit garage, RBR Shorts and black T-shirt day in full swing at the Red Bull Ring. Modelling careers (do not) await Who: Rowan Horncastle Where: boot of the 911R Forget the naughty step. When our staff misbehave, they’re sent to sit in the boot of a moving car Who: Tom Ford Where: RBR hotel, Flatschach After a hard day on the track, Tom spends some time relaxing in his own unique way Been up to anything picture worthy? Send your snaps…

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the great beyond

Infiniti Q60 £34,000 approx. WE SAY: INFINITI’S NEW COUPE HAS ITS MERITS – JUST DON’T GO THINKING IT’S SPORTY Take a good slow look at the Q60 on these pages. It’s going to be a while before you see another. Infiniti’s global sales are small, and in Europe tiny. Despite years of optimistic projections from Infiniti bosses, they’re still struggling at about a tenth of the numbers that BMW, Audi or Mercedes each shift. And it’s not like their cars have been hopeless. Sure, they’re a bit patchy dynamically, but that’s an accusation you could equally level at certain of their rivals’ perfectly successful vehicles. Infiniti also got into crossovers good and early, which should have brought rewards, and these days it has a good range of cars running Mercedes diesel power. But no,…

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fish or fowl?

Porsche Macan GTS £55,188 WE SAY: STUTTGART MANAGES TO SPLIT ITS OWN SPORTY SUV RANGE As a single exhibit to sum up where we’re at, carwise, in 2016, you could do worse than the steering wheel from our test Macan GTS, a plump number clad lavishly (and optionally) in Alcantara. Not the frst Alcantara-clad steering wheel to feature on an SUV, true, and undoubtedly not the last. But that’s rather the point: we now live in a world where it’s not considered weird to skin the steering apparatus of your family 4x4 in a material once the preserve of high-end motorsport. In fairness, the Macan GTS befts its Alcantara wheel, insomuch as any SUV can. It may not be the fastest crossover out there – hell, it’s not even the fastest Macan, giving away…

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Vauxhall Mokka X £22,050 WE SAY: VAUXHALL GOES DOWN THE ‘IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT’ ROUTE The Mokka was a prompt arrival at the small-crossover party, and over the years acquired more and more rivals. But its business kept growing and it ended last year top of the class in the UK sales league. Now we have the Mokka X, its mid-life facelift. As it was doing such good business, Vauxhall has an excuse to keep the changes small. Besides, consistent direction helps build brand image. In becoming the X, it’s been given alterations that make it look, inside and out, more like an Astra. Again, cross-car consistency helps solidify a brand. So we have new headlights (all LED in upper trims) bolted into new wings, a wider grille, and fresh front and…