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“AMG can build a better supercar than Ferrari,” announced a clearly very excited and animated Lewis Hamilton in our exclusive interview with him shortly after he stepped off stage from revealing the Ulti-Merc, aka the AMG Project One, to its awaiting public at the recent Frankfurt show. It’s a bold statement, but then again the AMG Silver Arrows have spent most of recent history handing it to Ferrari on the F1 circuit. More importantly, the Project One features the power unit from Lewis’s 2015 F1 car (revving to 11,000rpm rather than the 12,500 in his F1 racer) combined with two further motors on the front axle delivering torque vectoring and AWD performance. With a technical spec that boggles the mind, it’s clear that, though it’s still in concept form, this F1…

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1 honda stole the frankfurt show with this

O K, Merc’s Project One F1-powered hypercar was the main act. Ignore that, though, and no car gathered more interest at September’s Frankfurt motor show than this little Honda. And we suspect none attracted as much positivity, Hamilton’s new company car included. The Urban EV Concept is Honda’s frst step towards an electrifed future. But forget that for a moment and focus on the looks: isn’t it adorable? While other carmakers go for a cloyingly futuristic look for their EVs, Honda has gone unexpectedly retro. With great efect. Some see hints of MkI VW Golf, others spot shades of Peugeot 205 GTI. But look at Honda’s N600 or the original Civic and you’ll see the EV’s design DNA properly belongs to its Japanese maker. It’s shorter than a Honda Jazz and has…

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electric cars appear to be catching on...

I f we’re not already living in the age of the electric car, then our children will be. A trend that began, terrifyingly, with the G-Wiz in 2001, has now gathered enough momentum to appear unstoppable. There was barely an inch of carpet at the Frankfurt show that wasn’t slathered in something with a wire dangling out of its behind. Just a few short years ago these were useful tools for projecting a green image, masking a real objective to fog as many petrols and diesels as possible while the legislative going was good. Now governments are starting to lay down hard points in our EV future, the race is well and truly on to reposition core models accordingly, and build exciting new ones that people who actually like driving might…

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3 jag’s getting creative with its ev strategy

D oes the idea of owning an EV send you into a blind rage? The simple mention of a fast charger have you clawing at your eyeballs? How about if said EV gubbins were wrapped in the most beautiful car there’s ever been? Thought so. This is the news that JLR’s classic division is building the Jaguar E-type Zero – an E-type EV. A 291bhp electric powertrain has been shoehorned into the E-type’s chassis without getting busy with an angle-grinder – the chassis is completely untouched, suspension, brakes and all. And, because the 4.2-litre straight-six did service in virtually every Jaguar made from 1949 to 1992, this electric powertrain could theoretically be ftted to each one of those cars. Not only that – it can be unplugged again and the…

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4 let the 0–249mph–0 games begin

B ugatti will attempt to set a new production-car speed record in the Chiron at some point next year. But as a continued reminder of the car’s unhealthy ability to compress spacetime, it’s launched a Chiron from zero to 249mph (400kph) and back in 41.9 secs. That’s a world record, in case you’re wondering, probably because only a tiny handful of cars are capable of replicating it, let alone topping it. The man behind the wheel? Ex-F1 driver and two-time Indy 500 winner Juan Pablo Montoya. TopGear: How did this new relationship come about? Juan Pablo Montoya: Mr Dürheimer called Roger [Penske] and Roger sent me a text saying there’s something cool that I think you should do, and I thought OK. He said he was going to send me an email,…

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5 the volvo xc40 looks exactly like a tiny xc90

T he XC40 is a Volvo of many frsts. It’s the frst Volvo based on the EV-ready modular architecture it co-developed with owner Geely, which will also underpin other “40-series” cars – like the V40 Golf rival. And it’s the frst to be ofered with the “Care by Volvo” subscription service, which gives you the car plus a load of “digital concierge services” (like the use of another, diferent Volvo for up to 12 days a year), insurance, tax and maintenance for a monthly fat fee. Volvo says it makes “having” (not owning, note) an XC40 “as hassle-free as having a mobile phone” – which presumably means at the end of the month they bill you a hilariously massive sum of money for every mile you’ve driven overseas. This is also…