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As headline-grabbing facts for the next generation of supercars go, the numbers and tech that define the Koenigsegg Regera are mind-boggling. In fact, it’s such an extreme set of Top Trumps one-upmanship that if you’d written them down a few years ago, most in the industry would have predicted it would take decades to deliver or end in ignominious failure. “Regera”, somewhat appropriately, means “to reign” and it certainly has the firepower to justify the title – a hybrid hypercar powered by a 5.0-litre V8 and three e-motors that deliver a combined output of 1,479bhp and a tyre vaporising 1,475lb ft of torque, all of which is delivered via direct drive from the engine and will deliver a claimed top speed of 250mph. The fact that we’ve driven it just 18…

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HEAD TO HEAD Blue bloods BMW M2 £44,080 Porsche 718 Cayman S £48,834 CAYMAN MEETS M2 IN A BATTLE TO DECIDE WHICH BLUE IS BEST Miami Blue or Long Beach Blue? Personally I’d have Long Beach. It’s a bit deeper and richer than the powdery, consciously retro Miami, which looks a bit like the lacquer has started to wear away. Naming paintwork after sunny, lively US coastal cities is a marketing gimmick designed to make you think romantic thoughts while sat in front of a car configurator at a dull desk on a grimy industrial estate on a drizzly day – to take you to a place you dream of, in the car you dream of. And we do dream. We hope and imagine, too. Because in our idle moments, looking out across slate grey desks…

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quick. smart

WE SAY:RENAULT’S LATEST FAST HATCH TRIES SOMETHING A BIT DIFFERENT If anyone knows how to make a good hot hatch, it’s Renault. Only last month we drove the Clio RS16, a joyous thing stripped of mod cons. This Megane GT, though, is different, a fast hatchback with technology aplenty. Most notably a 7spd paddleshift gearbox and a four-wheelsteering system named 4 Control, which works much like a 911 GT3 or AMG GT R’s set-up: at lower speeds, it turns the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the fronts, to sharpen responses. Above 50mph, all four wheels point the same way, upping stability. Our first acquaintance with this GT was on sweeping Portuguese tarmac, where it felt well judged; on brisk roads, there’s tons of traction and it’s effortless to drive quickly. On…

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so, what else is new ?

Mercedes C43 Estate What should I know? If the über-German power race has priced a new V8 C63 out of your reach, AMG has charitably done a diet version. V8 out, V6 in, down 107bhp, and at £45k it’s £17k cheaper. It’s fast, but so subtle. Should I care? On paper, you should, but the C43 has flaws that tip us toward an Audi S4. The Benz’s nine-speed auto responds dimly to down changes, and none of its three damper modes gel agility with comfort. So it’s a bit one-dimensional as a result. VW Beetle Dune Cabriolet What should I know? This is one of the most distinctive cars on sale. With its optional gold-on-gold spec, the faux-crossover VW Beetle Dune is eye-popping in the extreme. Should I care? The Dune is a fashion statement first, and a reminder…

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italian job jobbed

AlfaWorks GT4C £82,500 WE SAY: HERTFORDSHIRE FINISHING SCHOOL SORTS ITALY’S PROBLEM CHILD This Alfa Romeo 4C would cost you £82,500. That’s not the dramatic news here. Oh no, the stop press headline is that the AlfaWorks GT4C is dangerously close to being worth fipped Cayman GT4 money. The 4C we’re driving has had the works – carbon front and rear panels, a 40bhp engine boost, remapped gearbox software, an adjustable Öhlins spring kit, better brakes, stickier tyres, and proving small changes are just as welcome, longer gearshift paddles. All of this improves the 4C. But it’s the smallest tweak of all – a £450 geometry rethink to introduce more front castor angle – that transforms this car, and begins to realise the potential of Alfa’s problematic lightweight. The unassisted steering has been divested of…

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electric seven

BMW 740e iPerformance £68,330 WE SAY: DOWNSIZE-HAPPY ÜBER-BARGE GETS GREAT NUMBERS ON PAPER, BUT YOU’LL HAVE TO PLAY TO ITS STRENGTHS OUT IN THE REAL WORLD Yes, it’s a 2.0-litre limousine, but if that offends you, consider this the halfway house between a luxo-barge and a BMW i8. This isn’t your of-the-shelf four-banger. It’s actually BMW’s most powerful, at 258bhp. Between the flywheel and the eight-speed auto is a fat, disc-shaped electric motor, so the total system power is 322bhp. The electric motor drives through the 740e’s gearbox, which means its full power is available right across the speed range, rather than falling of as speed rises. The engine always operates with the motor, but there’s a clutch between the two, so the motor can drive the car with the engine sleeping. Under those…