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In the first edition of TopGear in October 1993, this magazine’s first editor wrote: “We believe an accurate road test of a Lada is more important than a heartwarming story with a Lamborghini, since more people buy Ladas.” Erm? He continued: “TopGear is a unique car magazine that will cover everything to do with cars, informatively, humorously, inventively and stylishly…” In every issue since, TopGear has worked to refine that initial pitch. At its best, a copy of TopGear should deliver a healthy dose of escapism, make you laugh, give you unrivalled access to the automotive world, help you dream a little and make sure your next car isn’t a Lada. To deliver on the promise, every editor of TG has been blessed with vast talent at their disposal. All magazines live…

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1 purists, avert your eyes – the bmw m5 is no longer rear-drive

THE ONE IT HAS TO BEAT The new M5 and Merc-AMG E63 are destined to lock horns. Both have four-wheel drive with switchable 2WD lunatic modes, the Merc edges it with 604bhp vs 592bhp, but both cover 0–62mph in 3.4 seconds and the £89,640 M5 costs just £1,150 more. But can it match the E63’s thirst for drama? Twin test incoming. Time to get friendly with your local tyre-ftter: it’s a new BMW M5. But such a clichéd intro line might not be relevant here, because BMW has succumbed and made the most famous sports saloon of them all four-wheel drive. Purists finally getting their heads around turbocharged base 911 Carreras and Maserati SUVs have just been dealt another blow. Before you start blubbing, take solace in the fact it’s not any old…

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m5: a potted history

1984 BMW M5 E28 Drop the 286bhp 3.5-litre straight-six from the M1 into a 5-Series and this is the glorious 153mph result. Didn’t look a world apart from a regular E28 saloon 1988 BMW M5 E34 More power: a 315bhp 3.6-litre straight-six (later a 3.8-litre with 340bhp), allowing a 0–62mph time of 6.3secs. Locking diff, 6spd manual, RWD 1998 BMW M5 E39 Shouted its intent with new bumpers, M wing mirrors, 18in alloys, twin exhaust. Oh, and a socking great 5.0-litre V8, shovelling 395bhp to the rear wheels 2005 BMW M5 E60 Monster 5.0-litre V10 engine producing a titanic 500bhp, complete with a 7spd sequential gearbox, adaptive dampers and did we mention the V10? 2010 BMW M5 F10 In comes 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 with 552bhp. That’s right, a turbo M car. It’s really quick: 0–62mph takes just 4.3secs. ‘30…

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2 the new bmw z4 is bold, but beautiful?

Here it is then, folks. Minus a bit of carbon fbre here and two-tone interior there, this is the new BMW Z4. You like? Revealed at the world’s poshest garden party – the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach – it leaves precious little to the imagination about what the production version will look like when it lands in 2018. BMW has been criticised of late for its lack of design cojones, mainly by us, to be fair (see new BMW 5-Series and 6-Series Gran Turismo for drab proof), but correct us if we’re wrong… this is a bit of a return to form. All the classic roadster cues are there: long bonnet, short overhangs, no roof, while the whole package has been marinated in a refreshingly aggressive take on BMW’s latest…

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3 singer + williams = engine perfection

Singer has been busy with the collaborative networking, and has teamed up with Williams to produce a new engine for serial Singer client Scott Blattner. And it’s had a little help from none other than Hans Mezger, the ‘father of the flat-six’. Based on Mezger’s own flat-six 3.6-litre motor from a 1990 Porsche 911, the new engine is pulled out to 4.0 litres and has a basic 500bhp with four-valve cylinder heads and four cams, titanium con-rods, better oil circulation, aluminium throttle bodies, upper and lower injectors, an Inconel/ titanium exhaust system, carbon-fibre intake trumpets and a carbon air box with a resonator chamber to increase mid-range torque, ram-air induction, and a 9,000rpm red line. Yep, that’s a 500bhp Mezger flat-six with a 9k red line. Which really deserves only one…

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4 the new continental gt could be the world’s finest way to travel

Technology practically seeps through the millimetric panel gaps of the brand-new Bentley Continental GT, but this isn’t a scientifc calculator on forged 22-inch wheels, all processors and no panache. In fact, it’s supposed to be the most definitively perfect grand-touring machine the world has ever seen. Yes, the new Conti has a 48V electrical system, so active suspension can prop itself up so finely the car doesn’t know body roll. We’ve seen that on the Bentayga and Audi’s SQ7 already but, coupled with the new Continental’s longer wheelbase and shoved-back engine, it should make this the sharpest-handling Bentley outside of GT racing. It’s made of super-formed aluminium that’s not only 80kg lighter than the last Conti’s body, but can also be wrought into sharper creases and more subtle curves. Which is…