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With the UK’s relationship with Europe best described as “slightly strained” following the decision in June to leave the EU, this month we felt it best to do our bit for UK–European trade relations. OK, so TopGear’s history as cultural attachés is littered with disenfranchised nations, questions in The House and some VERY angry ambassadors, but we weren’t going to let that stop us… What could be better than a trip across Europe? Meeting our neighbours in a true British icon, a rolling statement of all that’s good about the UK in one fourwheeled, shiny package – the stunning Aston Martin DB11. As trade delegations go, Jack and Rowan dressed in shorts, T-shirts and smelling of four days on the road following a diet of processed, service-station foodstuffs might not rival the…

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rsing around

WE SAY: START THE PETITION TO PERSUADE RS TO PUT THIS CONCEPT INTO PRODUCTION The hot-hatchback market has never been as buoyant as it is right now. Barely a month passes without a new contender upping power and handling prowess, in turn sending 0–62s and ’Ring times tumbling. There’s a subplot among it all, though, and it concerns the Clio RenaultSport. For the best part of two decades, a fast Clio was about as much fun as you could find on four wheels. But with the arrival of the fourth-generation car, and its more languid personality, 19 years of class honours came to an abrupt halt. Perhaps spurred on by this – as well as RenaultSport’s 40th anniversary – a skunk works team squirrelled themselves away over winter and spring, and the car…

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hot hatchling

WE SAY: THE SMART BRABUS IS BACK. TROUBLE IS, IT’S NOT WHAT WE WERE HOPING FOR There’s one number associated with the new Smart Brabus ForFour we cannot ignore. Not the power output, increased to 107bhp; not the 20 per cent firmer suspension nor the 40 per cent more responsive automatic gearbox. It’s the whopping pile of cash that’s needed to buy this thing, estimated at about £18,000. Unload your savings at a Ford dealer and they’ll hand you over a shiny new Fiesta ST. All 179bhp of it, and throw in a permanent grin for free. The Smart ForFour counters with much lower running costs, a tiny, city-friendly footprint and a turning circle you’d struggle to better with a shopping trolley. But the standard ForFour offers all that; what’s the point…

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the car in front isn’t...

WE SAY: LATE TO THE PRIUS’S PARTY, HYUNDAI EMBARRASSES THE HOST Some cars are so engrained into our senses as “the one to have in that class”, you can’t imagine why anyone would bother tackling it. Toyota’s Prius annexed the mass-market hybrid territory yonks ago. Hyundai, undeterred, has had a crack at usurping it, and succeeded first time out. That’s not just because the Ioniq Hybrid, unlike the Toyota, has styling viewable pre-watershed. It’s due to fitting a proper dual-clutch ’box, instead of a whining, power-sapping, “I don’t care how hard you press the throttle” CVT. Result? The Ioniq’s combo of 103bhp 4cyl petrol and 45bhp e-motor actually propel the car noticeably, and without fear of tinnitus. All that would be futile if the heavy, complicated gearbox were chewing those precious fuel savings,…