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the urge for goin’

When the end of summer rolls around and we start getting the cooler nights and longer shadows of fall, I always feel that familiar urge to get the boat ready, untie the lines and head south toward the sun and new adventures. It’s that old urge for goin’. We’ve followed that urge several times over the years with winter trips to the Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida and once we kept on following the sun right around the world. But we’re not going to get away this winter by boat. We’ll head south by jet and sail OPBs – other people’s boats. Its still “away” but not the same. For those who do want to sail south this fall, there are some great ways to do so with friends in the various rallies that…

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island yacht charters’ long road to recovery after the hurricanes

The Virgin Islands suffered two direct Category 5 hurricanes within 13 days in September 2017. The islands were devastated. The vast majority of buildings, homes, hospitals and businesses were badly damaged if not destroyed. Airports were closed and the power, phone service and internet were all gone. And, the huge fleets of charter boats that make the Virgin Islands the world’s sailing and chartering playground, were largely decimated. Here is the story of the hurricanes, the aftermath and the long road to recovery through the eyes of Skip and Andrea King, owners of Island Yacht Charters, which is based in Red Hook, St. Thomas. DOUBLE TROUBLE At the end of August 2017, Skip and Andrea were in their annual offseason mode. The 15 Island Packets they manage in their fleet for the…

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mahina tiare antigua to panama

In 2015, upon reading two rave reviews of the new IGY Marina Santa Marta, Colombia, in Yachting World magazine, I checked out their website and contacted them hoping to stop there on our Panama-to-BVI passage. Everything sounded perfect, except the fact that the marina said it would take at least three days to clear in and three days to clear out. A six-day stop would not have allowed enough time to complete our planned two-week expedition. Two weeks ago, I received an email from Jon and Mia, previous boat purchase consultation clients from Norway and Mallorca whom we’d met in Sweden, mentioning they were presently at Marina Santa Marta. I asked Jon if he could speak with the marina manager to see if there was any possibility we could stop just…

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resources used on the passage from antigua to panama:

Wind & Weather: Cruising Guides: The Panama Cruising Guide by Eric Bauhaus is brilliant and some of the Italians we met said all of the charts from this book are now available on line. Electronic Charts: C-Map running on Rose Point Coastal Explorer Navionics Silver running on both our lovely new Raymarine MFD’s (multi-function displays). We purchased the latest Central & South America portfolio in Antigua and have been impressed with the accuracy, and considerably more detail than on C-Map charts. General Sailing Conditions: The passages from Antigua to Colombia and Panama are all generally broad reaching or running this time of year when the “Christmas Trade Winds” are just starting to crank. We experienced more moderate conditions this year compared to our two previous crossings in 2002 and 2008. A current of…

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our caribbean crew

Rich, 40 years old, and a physician from Utah. Twenty years ago, I sailed with my father up Sweden’s beautiful west coast on his old, but sturdy HR Monsun 31. I look back at this time as one of my most cherished and formative experiences of my life and I have had a passion for sailing ever since. Currently my wife and I love sailing together and have chartered in Croatia, California, the BVI and we recently returned to Sweden and sailed out of Gothenburg. We have a baby girl on the way and we hope to one day soon cruise the world as a family. We don’t have a middle name picked out, but after this amazing experience with John and Amanda I’m leaning toward the name Tiare! Brian, 48…

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what worked, what didn’t after year 12

Fortunately, this year while sailing the world and the south east coast of Africa, on our Valiant 40, Brick House, we had only one product failure, some good successes and some promising equipment to install. MILANO FAUCET Our Moen, plastic, galley faucet had been with us for 12 years. It looked terrible though as the once white plastic had turned a nicotine yellow. After installing new water tubes to the galley, it was time to also install a new faucet. We went to an upscale mall in the largest city in Tanzania and bought the most expensive “stainless steel” faucet on display. The new faucet even passed our magnet test to make sure it was not chromed, common steel. The brilliant stainless finish certainly outshined our old faucet. But what a joke.…