Blue Water Sailing Winter 2020

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crossing the digital divide

It is fun to look back and think about how much our sailing and cruising technology has changed in our lifetimes. Sextants gave way to Loran and SatNav and then everything gave way to GPS. With the development of PCs, Macs and laptops, digital chart reading software linked to GPS emerged that made paper charts less and less a feature of the modern chart table. The marine electronics companies soon developed rudimentary chartplotters that could be mounted in a boat’s cockpit and these evolved into what we now call multifunction displays (MFDs) where all of the electronic data gets crunched and displayed. Old cathode ray radar screens faded away as digital flat screens emerged and soon the radar data could be displayed on the MFD so you didn’t need a…

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boat watch: the cruisers search and safety network

On January 11, the marine rescue services in France (MRCC) got a “boat overdue” message from a family in Brest. Their relative, Franc Baudet, who is a singlehanded cruiser, had departed Cariacou in the Grenadines aboard his blue sloop Brendan. The report did not mention a destination but the family, and Baudet’s best friend who was aboard his own boat in Cariacou, asserted that he had not communicated with them as he normally would have done and they considered him missing. The MRCC issued an alert to all who subscribe to their services and also alerted the marine rescue and coast guards of the island nations in the eastern Caribbean to keep a lookout for Brendan and Franc Baudet. One of the organizations notified was Boat Watch, the International Boat Watch Network,…

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registration open for salty dawg spring cruising rally from the virgin islands to the u.s

The Spring Rally will depart the Virgin Islands on May 12, weather permitting, from Nanny Cay in the British Virgin Islands, heading to Blue Water Yachting Center in Hampton, VA (or other ports on the U.S. east coast or to Bermuda.) Pre-departure activities begin on May 1. The Salty Dawg Spring Rally to the U.S. is an offshore passage in company of other boats, usually a fleet of 25 to 35 boats of many nationalities. It is a great way to meet and enjoy the company of other sailors. Cruisers will gather in North Sound at the New Bitter End to begin socializing with fellow Salty Dawgs on May 1. Throughout the week there will be hikes, beach parties, evening happy hours, potluck dinners and more. The boats will then move to…

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south pacific passages compared

Cruisers who have just transited the Panama Canal from the Caribbean side, those who have sailed down from the North-American west coast and others who have been exploring Central America—at some point most are tempted to explore the vast South Pacific. So much indigo blue water, so many destinations, but where to start? The Pacific Puddle-Jump fleet heads to the mountainous island chain of the Marquesas with maybe a brief stop on the Galapagos islands on the way. Most people don’t even know that there is another starting point to your cruise in French Polynesia. Further south and off the beaten track lies the Gambier archipelago that combines mountainous islands and low lying motus within one protected lagoon. Both destinations have their pros and cons, so we have sent them into…

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cruisers are no longer welcome in tahiti

A CRUISING AREA AS WIDESPREAD AS Europe, beautiful nature, friendly locals and Tahiti as a hub with expensive, but expansive infrastructure to get repairs done and stock up on provisioning and boat parts. French Polynesia used to be a cruiser’s paradise with lots of options and the freedom to explore them, but this has been changing rapidly over the past three years. A wind of change started whistling through the capitol of French Polynesia and the neighboring islands: bans and time limitations on anchorages make it difficult to spend time and money in the Society Islands. A propaganda campaign in the media against cruisers has changed the atmosphere and now the government plans to shut down the only remaining anchorage near Papeete. When we arrived in French Polynesia six years ago…

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provisioning for an offshore passage

My recent west to east Atlantic crossing gave me the opportunity to learn about how to provision for a lengthy passage. Given that our boat does not have a freezer, we found what works, and what doesn’t. With three hungry young children and three equally hungry adults to feed, this 2,500-mile journey from the Caribbean island of St. Martin to the Azores required meal planning, unlike any other passage I have undertaken. The importance of good quality meals on an ocean crossing cannot be overstressed; when you have little else to do, meal times become a special time of the day and one that all crew members look forward to. On our passage, the morale on the boat could be directly linked to the quality and quantity of the food that…