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Bon Appetit June 2017

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good to the bone

Follow Adam on Twitter and Instagram at @rapo4 A few Saturdays ago I dropped off my nine-year-old for a playdate on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. With a couple hours to kill, I wandered down to White Gold Butchers, one of those artisanal, eat-local, nose-to-tail shops where, I’m happy to report, there was nothing at all healthyish going on. Big slabs of nicely marbled porterhouses rested in a glass display case, two-pound hunks of beef short rib sat on a butcher block waiting to be broken down, and impossibly goldenbrown rotisserie chickens preened on a marble countertop, still impaled on a long Game of Thrones–quality skewer. What makes White Gold, and other shops like it, so good is the meat. You know exactly where it comes from and who raised it. Not that…

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Want us to get a restaurant recipe for you? Email us at rsvp@bonappetit.com* STAFF PICK “WHILE THE EDIBLE GARDEN AT OLMSTED IN BROOKLYN IS A BIT BEYOND MY ABILITIES, THE GRILLED SCALLOPS WITH CREAMED CORN IS DEFINITELY SOMETHING I WOULD LOVE TO TRY AT HOME.” —JULIA KRAMER, senior projects edi tor GRILLED SCALLOPS WITH CREAMED CORN 4 SERVINGSIf you’re going to go the distance gathering all the spices for this multipurpose dry rub (and you should), go ahead and triple the batch. See the sidebar, page 12, for more ways to use it. 3 dried pasilla chiles (about 1 oz. total), coarsely chopped 2 Tbsp. dried thyme 1 Tbsp. dried oregano 1 Tbsp. ground coriander 1 Tbsp. ground fennel 2 tsp. chipotle chile powder 2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper 2 tsp. paprika 1 tsp. garlic powder 1 tsp. onion powder Zest of 1…

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burnin’ up

Q: “The way the chef at The Dabney in Washington, D.C., uses a woodburning hearth to cook his dishes is so inspiring. Short of building one of my own, any ideas on how I can create these flavors with my grill?” —MARK TELLES, Houston A: “Try charring whole marinated vegetables. It balances out the acidity but still keeps the veg crisp.” —MICHAEL GALLINA, executive chef and co-owner, Vicia, St. Louis “Slowly cook mushrooms on the grill to give soups and rice dishes a little earthiness. A handful imparts so much depth and a straight-fromthe- fire essence to the entire bowl.” —CHRIS COLEMAN, chef, Stoke, Charlotte, NC “Spoon ricotta into a cast-iron pan, cover it with a lid, and ‘bake’ it on the grill over medium heat. The gooey cheese takes on a smoky flavor, and it’s…

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2 pineapple express

“Well, why not?” That’s what chef Carrie Blease says when I ask her how whole grilled pineapple ended up on the menu at Lord Stanley, the veggie-centric San Francisco restaurant she runs with her husband and co-chef Rupert Blease. Once they got their hands on a Big Green Egg— the ceramic smoker-grill combo with a cult following among chefs and weekend warriors alike—the pair went crazy experimenting. “We would light it in the morning, when the fruit and veg order came in, and we couldn’t not try putting things on there,” Rupert recalls. Not everything (e.g., oranges) was a hit, but the pineapple stuck. “It turned out to be really versatile. It’s so warm tasting—you can use it for savory or sweet, hot or cold,” he says. After more than…

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3 stay here, grill this

We can’t say a grill was on our hotel-amenity wish list—until we found Camp Comfort, a B&B just outside San Antonio with a summer camp vibe. The place offers two onsite fire pits and a specialorder barbecue kit that includes charcoals, filet mignons from local Alamo Meat Market, foil-wrapped potatoes, and the fixings for a Caesar salad. 5 Ways to Use Grilled Pineapple Slice and serve with grilled pork or fish Cut into chunks and toss with salt and lime juice for a smoky fruit salad Muddle and use as the base for a sweetsavory cocktail Dice and mix with chopped cilantro and chiles for salsa Purée and spoon over vanilla ice cream or good Greek yogurt PHOTOGRAPHS: ALEX LAU (PINEAPPLE); WYNN MYERS (CAMP COMFORT)…

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4 pop (the other) bubbly

TRY… Della Staffa “Brioso Rosato” Umbria, $32 AND… Cellario Barbera Piemonte, $18 OR… Furlani Sur Lie Rosso Trentino, $30 Red wines are not all winter sweaters—you don’t have to pack them up just because it’s summer. Sparkling reds are worth flirting with this time of year, and not just Lambrusco, which is already known to hold court around the grill. Well-chilled sparklers of Sangiovese, Barbera, and Colorino (my favorite sparkling reds come from Italy) go down easy with bright, poppy notes of cherry and cranberry but are dry enough to complement any meat you’re throwing on the grill. Less sweet than the sparkling reds of the ’70s that gave the genre a bad name (see sidebar, right), these wines are the beverage equivalent of running barefoot across the beach on a blazing hot…